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The Most Twisted, Deeply Unstable Women Ever In Hollywood History

We have seen mass murderers in films. We’ve seen maniacs in films. There are even characters who are designed to terrify you. But what about those who make you feel sick to your stomach? This isn’t because they murder. It has to do with the fact that they are psychologically ill, diseased, and have some serious issues. Here are five of the most scary and twisted female characters in Hollywood history:

1. The worst, even by Death Eater standards: Bellatrix Lestrange

One of Hollywoods most twisted characters.
The first female Death Eater, and the worst of them all.

Bellatrix Lestrange, a powerful witch, started implementing her talents for evil rather than good right away, and quickly became one of the Death Eaters’ most feared members. The witch is a symbol of chaotic evil since she does horrible crimes without mercy and delights in the agony of others. She has no qualms about torturing or murdering someone on the spur of the moment, such as how she murdered her own cousin, Sirius Black. Furthermore, it wasn’t even always out of loyalty to her Lord Voldemort, but rather as a pastime or hobby. She is one of the darkest women in Hollywood history.

2. The most disturbing psychopath ever: Esther/Leena from Orphan

One among the most disturbing female characters in Hollywood.
Esther Coleman/Leena played by Isabelle Fuhrman in Orphan.

Esther Coleman, who appears in the Hollywood film Orphan, is a psychopath who is both aggressive and crazy. She was born with a pituitary abnormality, making her a proportionate dwarf. Somehow, she managed to get transported to an orphanage, where she was adopted by Kate and John. Sister Abigail tried to alert the parents when she discovered the reality. Esther, on the other hand, overheard it and attacked her with a hammer. She also attempted to murder Kate and John’s biological children by setting fire to them or smashing their heads in with a rock. In the end, she managed to kill John because he refused her sexual advances before Kate kicked her in the face and broke her neck.

3.  Perhaps the most psycho mommy in cinema history: Margaret White from Carrie

The most twisted mother in Hollywood history: Margaret White.
A fictional character by American author Stephen King in his first published horror novel, Carrie.

Carrie’s Christian fundamentalist mother ensured that she never had a shot at normalcy. When Carrie returns home from school after her first period, her mother disciplines her for sin and forces her into a closet to plead for atonement. Furthermore, when Carrie returns home after her humiliating pig blood episode to wash herself and seek solace from her mother, Margaret gets enraged and stabs Carrie from behind. Carrie puts an end to her mother’s life by psychically ordering kitchen items to stab her.

4. Diane Sherman from Run: Another one of the terrifying, lunatic moms

Among the most disturbed female Hollywood characters.
2020 American psychological thriller film about a differently-abled teenager.

Chloe Sherman is a physically handicapped teen who lives with her mother Diane in a quiet, isolated environment. Since childhood, she has been afflicted with diabetes, asthma, and heart arrhythmia. Due to the loss of function of her legs, she is also wheelchair-bound. When she becomes suspicious of something, Chloe slips across the street to the drugstore to inquire about the meds her mother makes her consume. Chloe realizes it all when the pharmacist informs her one of the pills is a muscle relaxant for dogs. With the help of the mailman, she gets to flee the house, but the mother tracks them down and murders the mailman. Chloe ultimately manages to escape once more, and the mother is arrested by the authorities.

5. ‘She’ from the movie Antichrist (Yes, that is the name)

Among the most twisted female characters in Hollywood.
A tense, horror film with the art house flair and unflinching, explicit violence.

When her young boy dies while she is having wild sex with her husband, ‘She’ goes insane in this Hollywood movie. Her devoted spouse, ‘He,’ takes her to a remote cabin in an attempt at his own psychiatric therapy on her to alleviate her crippling sadness. However, he fails miserably, and ‘She’ becomes increasingly deranged as a result. The film features it all from clitoris cutting to testicle smashing. ‘She’ was apparently preparing a thesis about witch trials when she came to the conclusion that all women are essentially evil. ‘He’ ends up strangling a deranged ‘She’ in the end of the movie.