The Mummy Fan Theories That Sound Too Good To Be True (Or Are They?)

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Viewers enjoy plot twists, which gives rise to so many detailed fan theories out there. Diehard fans will spend no time dissecting every last aspect in movies and TV shows. After all, there might be a plethora of deeper messages and easter eggs that you overlook while watching a great film!  We’ve scoured the most interesting and mind-blowing fan theories regarding the audience’s favorite all-time watch movie – The Mummy.


While many of the fan theories are merely speculations about a character or a single moment in a film, others fundamentally alter our perceptions of the storyline. The Mummy franchise has some captivating scenes but there is an air of enchantment laced all through the series that leaves much to the fantasy, piquing the interest of the audience. Some very intriguing fan ideas have been left behind, which may provoke more mysteries than they resolve.

1) Evie was well aware of the booby traps

One of the popular The Mummy fan theories
Evelyn O’Connell, played by Rachel Weisz in The Mummy.

The party had a Mexican standoff in a compartment room shortly after arriving in Hamunaptra. “There are other spots to dig,” Evie informs Rick before the rounds are fired. For someone that has spent roughly her entire life studying ancient Egyptian materials, there’s a good probability she was aware of the booby-trapped room or had come across it in a novel on Hamunaptra. Moreover, in her previous incarnation, she was royalty from Egyptian Civilization, and we can plainly see in the second film that she has the capacity to look back in time, which might have granted her understanding of the booby-trapped room in the first film!


2) Imhotep was damned to live indefinitely in order to be free of the cycle of rebirth

The main antagonist of The Mummy.
The main antagonist of The Mummy franchise: Imhotep.

Immortality is the longest sentence imaginable to the Egyptians, particularly when one is a pious cleric. It means being cut off from reincarnation and, eventually, being refused admission into Sekhet-Aaru, where one could feast with the divine, reconcile with dead loved ones, and encounter one’s forefathers. It is something that is probably considered Egyptian heaven. Approaching the cycle, on the other hand, is a collaborative endeavor, as obtaining to the beginning point necessitates the surviving construction of the required materials. Normally, if you chose to break someone out of the loop, you’d dismember their head.

3) Beni’s Origins

Popular The Mummy fan theories about Beni's origins.
Former-French Foreign Legionnaire and guide of treasure-seekers that intended to reach Hamunaptra.

Throughout the Legionnaires, Beni Gabor is portrayed as Rick’s treacherous buddy, although their relationship is much more strained in the screenplay. To Rick’s disgust, he continually presents alternatives to avoid a confrontation until the first act gunfight at Hamunaptra. Given that Hebrew is among the multiple languages he speaks, he freely admits to targeting houses of worship since they are inadequately secured. Synagogues are his specialty. The speech thus hints at Beni’s partnership with Imhotep.

4. Imhotep’s Curse is Shared by Scarab Beetles

One of the popular fan theores in The Mummy
Small, carnivorous insects that eat the flesh of whatever creature they could catch, particularly humans.

The offspring of scarabs were trapped with Imhotep. Now, since they were also encased in the tomb, it is a possibility that they were subjected to Imhotep’s curse. This translates that it also granted them immortality. Since they were mummified and carried a fragment of the curse, the scarab that creeps out of the blue is still living despite having no air or sustenance for hundreds of years.


5. Imhotep takes Burns’ eyes, which results in him having poor vision

One of the fan theories concerning The Mummy
Treasure hunter & the first to be killed by the ancient curse of the chest that contained the book of the dead.

“Without my glasses, I can’t see the deck to cut it!” “Without my spectacles, I can’t see the deck to cut it!” Bernard Burns says in the 1999 movie. Imhotep glances at Evie, then addresses her ‘Anck-su-Namun’, telling her to go with him before Rick saves her. According to fan theory, since Imhotep stole Burns’ eyes, he has a fuzzy vision. Hence seeing a female figure naturally guesses it’s Anck-su-Namun. Later on, he probably determines that she’s the best alternative to kill because she’s the only woman he’s seen around.


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