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The Munsters Review: The Worst Movie Of The Year

The Munsters or The Addams Family? Growing up, that was a question that kids would frequently ask, and the answer would often result in harsh or heated debate. These two shows originally aired long before my time, but through the glorious, classic television lineup of Nick at Night, I was able to grow up on some of the greatest sitcoms television has to offer. I always preferred The Munsters. Watching a family of monsters (that were obtusely unaware of their own monstrosities) interact with their neighbors on the idyllic Mockingbird Lane never got old. Well… until now.

Rob Zombie abandons the young Eddie Munster to bring us a prequel story about the early stages of Herman and Lily’s relationship. When a mad scientist determined to create the perfect living creature mistakenly uses the brain of a failed comedian, Herman Munster is born. His love for standup comedy carries over into his new body, and he’s determined to become a star. However, those plans are put on hold once he meets Lily and the two fall into a whirlwind romance.

Rob Zombie's stab at 'The Munsters' is fan service you'll want to send back  | Movie Reviews | Orlando | Orlando Weekly

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Rob Zombie, best known for horror movies like House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, fails to capture any of the charm or humor of the classic sitcom. Zombie is clearly searching for a tone or style here; the problem is that he doesn’t seem to know how to find it. Nothing in The Munsters movie ever comes close to capturing the look or feeling of its source material. Instead, the story plays out through hues of purple and zany, erratic camera movements.

The best moments in The Munsters series stem from their interactions with the human world. They’re the outcasts, unable to recognize that their ghoulish appearances are frightening. However, for whatever reason, Rob Zombie has chosen to ignore that aspect of the series and instead sets ninety percent of the movie in Transylvania, filled wall to wall monstrous beings living normal lives. As I suffered through this movie, and I do mean suffered, I found myself wondering who this movie was for. Fans who grew up on The Munsters series will surely hate everything the movie has to offer. And fans of Zombie’s previous work will be baffled by what they see.

The Munsters Review - FandomWire
Herman Munster (Jeff Daniel Phillips) and Lily (Sherri Moon Zombie) in The Munsters

Zombie’s The Munsters feels like a high school, film production project. It resembles what a teenager might think classic television was supposed to look like. The performances are atrocious, the lighting and cinematography are nauseating and there isn’t an enjoyable moment from start to finish. Previously, I’d believed Firestarter was the worst movie of the year. Then I saw Pinocchio, and now I’ve seen The MustersThis is the worst move of the year (so far). 1.5/10

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Written by Joshua Ryan

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