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The New Batman Film To Be Filmed In Glasgow, Scotland

The streets of Europe have become the streets of Gotham as it was announced that the new Batman film will be in Glasgow Scotland.

The new Batman film set to release on 2021 has found its Gotham City in Scotland. Producers have said that the architecture of Glasgow is perfect for the new film. This would make sense since the architecture of Gotham is very old and gothic in nature and it seems that Glasgow is the perfect location for filming. 

It’s also not the first time the city of Glasgow has been exposed to Hollywood as various blockbuster movies like Hobbes and Shaw, World War Z, and Avengers: Infinity War were filmed in Glasgow.

The new Batman film has already begun shooting in London and filming in Glasgow is expected to start in February. DC fans can always expect the new Batmobile to be seen zooming around the streets of  Glasgow as a good chunk of the film is said to be shot there. 

The new Batman film is to be directed by Matt Reeves and stars many well know actresses such as Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrel, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano, Zoe Kravitz, and Andy Serkis as well as John Turturro. 

The exact details on the new Batman movie are still very much shrouded in mystery. However, it is said that the movie will focus more on Batman’s detective skills rather than just his fighting ability.

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It is speculated that this version of Batman will be something akin to Gotham by Gaslight and it makes sense since Glasgow is very Gothic. However, as of now, those rumors are not confirmed.

In any case, The Batman film is set to release in 2021 with its all-new cast and all-new director. How exactly will it all go for the Batman? We will just have to wait and see.

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