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The Office: 5 Most Darkest Characters, Ranked

The world of television has witnessed many sit-coms but only a few can come close to the levels of The Office (US). Based on the British version of the show created by Ricky Gervais, The Office revolutionized the genre with its unique documentary-style cinematography and jokes that you would probably never crack at the dinner table. While the show might be a lighthearted comedy at its heart, The Office did have its dark moments with equally dark characters. Here are the five darkest characters from The Office, ranked in order:

The Office

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5. Dwight Schrute

The Office Dwight

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Dwight is undoubtedly one of the key characters of The Office who was massively responsible for the show’s staggering success. While the character managed to turn into a wholesome manager at the end, it is hard to miss some of the things Dwight has done in the past. From putting Angela’s cat alive in the freezer to having an affair with her while she was engaged to Andy, his actions are quite irredeemable. Not to forget, Dwight’s ancestry is very much linked with the Nazis as he mentions about his grandfather who went to Argentina after the Second World War.

4. Ryan Howard

The ‘wunderkind’ of the show, Ryan Howard started off as temp and later became Michael’s immediate superior by replacing Jan Levinson. An extremely ambitious individual, Ryan became increasingly arrogant and condescending to consolidate power. However, his addiction to drugs, corporate fraud, and a toxic relationship with Kelly Kapoor became his downfall. In the season finale, Ryan abandons his own newborn child to be with Kelly, proving that he was never a great guy to begin with.

3. Jan Levinson

As Michael’s boss, Jan Levinson always had the propensity to move towards the dark side. Apart from being a condescending boss, Jan was a cesspool of toxic traits. An overtly controlling individual, her treatment of Michael when they entered a relationship was truly cringeworthy. From forcing Michael to undergo multiple vasectomies to having affairs with younger men at the office, Jan was beyond redemption.

2. Creed Bratton

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Creed might have had some truly memorable moments throughout the show, it is hard to forget his misdeeds. Forging fake identification, scamming welfare income, being directly responsible for an employee’s firing from her job, Creed has done it all. The man even partly agreed to a potential murder during a Halloween party at the office when asked about his blood-stained shirt. Jeez!

1. Phyllis Vance

A seemingly sweet employee at Dunder-Mifflin, Phyllis has done some truly heinous things throughout the show. From repeatedly slut-shaming Pam to blackmailing Angela, Phyllis is truly the worst of the lot. In a deleted scene, it was even revealed that Phyllis and Bob ran over a man during their safari in Africa. No wonder, Phyllis calls upon Bob so frequently whenever anything goes slightly sideways.

Written by Akash Senapati

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