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The Office Fan Writes a Full Season 10 During Quarantine

The Office fan Nick Janicki is revealing the tenth season fan-fiction of the famous NBC comedy. It comprises 24 episodes and 900 characters in total. However, amid coronavirus quarantine, the fan of NBC workplace comedy The Office has created 24 episodes of the tenth season. 

The best-known workplace comedies!

The office has a long-standing legacy and continues to be a cultural icon.

Depicted in mockumentary fashion, The Office has been an adaptation of the original BBC series led by Greg Daniels. It was co-created in the early 2000s by Ricky Gervais. The legendary American sitcom had an unbeatable cast of Steve Carell and John Krasinski. Even though, The Office had a rocky start. However, through its endearing character growth and hilarity, it was able to gain popularity with viewers. 

A Fan Fiction Screenplay

Each episode is laid out in an organized, nice way for readers to easily navigate.

Janicki has put up all 24 episodes for the public to view and enjoy on his website. At an amazing 900 pages, Janicki provides a synopsis for his Season 10 “We’ve seen memes made. We’ve seen 280 characters or fewer scenarios typed out. Let’s turn it up a notch. Alongside that, take an in-depth look at where our favourite T.V. colleagues will be in 2020. Janicki let the world know he wrote a fan-fiction script for the brand new season of The Office on Reddit. The screenplay has been downloaded by over 30k users already.

An Incredible Idea Brought To Life.

The fan-inspired season 10 is an incredible idea brought to life during these uncertain times.

It all started again in 2020. Janicki ‘s new season imagines where the iconic characters of the office will be in such contemporary times. In addition, a few episodes are not only funny but also have good inside jokes. Above all, quarantine has shown that anything will come out of a global pandemic. Even if it is just creatives like Janicki making binge-worthy, all-access screenplays for The Office enthusiasts. In short, Janicki has put hard work into his extensive tribute to one of T.V.’s best sitcoms.

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