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The Office – Jim’s 7 Best Pranks

The Office is one of THE quintessential sitcoms of the 20th Century with the cast of characters constantly being thrown into both realistic situations, and completely absurd ones alike. Based on the UK Version of the same name, it didn’t take long for the show to stand on it’s own two feet, and it may be sacrilegious for me, an English person, to say, but it became better than the original.

One of the main characters from the get go, Jim spent most of his time in the office not working, but instead focusing his energies on disrupting and annoying his co-worker Dwight. Here we go through Jim’s 7 best pranks.

7. Future Faxes

John Krasinski as Jim Halpert

Some of these pranks do require some suspension of disbelief with some of the things Dwight believes, but this takes the cake. When Jim leaves Scranton and moves to another branch, he takes a bunch of Dwight’s headed paper so he can send him the odd fax from himself in the future. You’d expect no-one would believe this in real life, but Dwight sure does.

6. Increasing The Weight of Dwight’s Phone

An incredibly simple and short prank, but one of the best in the show has Jim regularly adding additional weight to Dwight’s phone, allowing him to become accustomed to it, before removing all of them so he hits himself in the face with the handset. Classic, silly and a little mean, but always funny on each re-watch.

5. Jello Stapler

A few minutes into the very first episode, we get a glimpse at the sort of people both Jim and Dwight are. First prank in the show and it makes a Jim’s 7 best pranks list. Dwight opens his draw to find his stapler encased in yellow jelly, and judging by his reaction, it’s not the first time he’s found it as such. He accuses Jim of the wrongdoing, who naturally sits there eating a pot of red jelly whilst adamantly denying his involvement. Such a simple prank and yet it set the tone for their relationship.

4. Dresses as Dwight

Jim as Dwight

As opening stingers go, watching Jim walk into the office as his own version of Dwight is right up there. Monosyllabically questioning Dwight about what the best bear is, it doesn’t take Dwight long to cotton on that something is afoot. The final nail in the coffin is when Jim places his own little bobblehead on his desk, which prompts Dwight to run to Michael, with Jim close behind, imitating his ‘Michael!’ cries.

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3. CIA Operative

Dwight on his secret mission.

Arguably one of the pranks that may have gone too far, but even still one of the funnier ones, is where Jim persuades Dwight he’s being recruited to work for the CIA. Culminating in Dwight being involved in a secret mission that gets called off, he’s ordered to destroy his phone and go on as if nothing happened, to which without question, Dwight throws his mobile as far as he can.

2. Vampire Jim?

Count Jim Halpert

A bat is found inside the office, and not one to miss such a good opportunity, Jim claims he was bitten by it. He then persuades Dwight that he’s burned by some garlic bread, blinded by Angela’s crucifix and adds the extra flourish of touching his teeth as they’re supposedly hurting him.

1. Pavlov’s Mint

jim's 7 best pranks
Rainn Wilson as Dwight

Another stinger, another fantastic opening and number one in Jim’s 7 best pranks. Every time Jim restarts his computer and you hear the iconic Windows noise, he offers Dwight a mint. Doing this over a matter of weeks it has the desired effect, in that Jim eventually resets his computer, the noise prompting Dwight to hold his hand out, and Jim quizzically exclaiming ‘What are you doing?’. The confusion on Dwight’s face kills me every time.

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Honourable Mentions

In a show as long as The Office with so many pranks on offer, it’s impossible to mention only seven. Other top pranks would include the book of fake party tips, where Jim sells only one copy… which happens to be to Dwight. Dwight then throws a garden party around these absurd and nonsensical tips, to much comedic effect. One of the few good parts of the latter seasons is when Jim, Nellie and Pam manage to persuade Dwight he’s on a live radio broadcast, and before the end of the interview, he’s nearly completely naked and thinking he’s tanked Dunder Mifflin’s stock price. Lastly, one of the few pranks that’s actually kind-hearted in nature, is when Jim can’t be ‘bestest mensch’ for Dwight at his wedding, and organises for the long-since-left Michael to come back and take his place.

There we have it, Jim’s 7 best pranks. What ones would you include?

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