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The Office: 22 Secrets Behind The Scenes You Probably Didn’t Know

The Office: 27 Secrets Behind The Scenes You Probably Didn't Know
The Office interesting Behind The Scenes.

In 2005, a group of Americans tasked themselves with making a British series, “The Office,” for the U.S. audiences. They managed to create a super-successful comedy that ran for nine seasons. The Office is one of the most highly recommended and one of the funniest workplace sitcoms ever made. Well, 15 years and still it’s being binge-watched with full interest and enthusiasm. So if you are one of the show’s big fans, below are 22 amazing secrets Behind The Scenes of The Office that you probably were unaware of.

1. John Krasinski had to chop his hair for the movie, Leatherheads. So he actually wore a wig during the last six episodes of Season 3.

John Krasinski wore a wig for six episodes in Season 3.
The unnoticed wig of John Krasinski.

2. Leslie David Baker’s eye got a cornea while shooting.


3. Steve Carell had active sweat glands that could easily ruin the shoot. So the temperature was always 64 degrees.

The temperature on set was fixed at 64 degrees
Steve Carell and his active sweat glands.

4. Bob Odenkirk was supposed to play this character as Steve Carell got cast in a show called Come to Papa. However, the show was cancelled and Steve was available again.


5. Rainn Wilson had also auditioned for the role of Michael Scott.


6. Phyliss Smith was actually a casting associate for the show. She used to read lines with many of the cast members during their auditions. And the producers liked her so much that they ended up creating a role for her.

The made-up character of Phyllis Smith.
Phyliss Smith’s character.

7. Steve Carell actually improvised the kiss between Michael and Oscar, and the cast had their genuine reaction towards it.

The genuine reaction of the cast on the kiss.
Oscar and Michael’s kiss.

8. Among all the secrets, the best one is when, Jim signs Meredith’s cast as “John Krasinski” in the Episode 5 of Season 4.

Jim signs Meredith's cast as "John krasinski" in the Episode 5 of Season 4.
In “Launch Party”.

9. B J Novak was the first person to be cast. At the same time, he was also hired as a writer and started the tradition where writers would act and actors would write on The Office.


10. One of the best secrets of the show is, John Krasinski shot a video during a trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania, after learning that he was cast as Jim.

The video in the opening credits shot by John Krasinski.
John Krasinski’s video.

11. In Culver City, California, they shot the first season in an actual office building. But then the rest of the series was shot using a soundstage.


12. In a scene, where Jim pops Dwight’s fitness orb was a complete accident.

In a scene, the cold open where Jim pops Dwight's fitness orb was a complete accident.
The accidental scene.

13. Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Rainn Wilson, together went to lunch after they got cast and did a prediction that show has the potential to last till eight years. 

The prediction of the show by the cast members.
The show’s prediction.

14. The character Carol Stills, played by Nancy Ellen Carell is actually married to Steve Carell.


15. Lee Kirk who played the role of lactose intolerant was actually played by Jenna Fischer’s husband.


16. In order to trick B J Novak, Mindy Kaling used to make up lies about her co-stars.


17. The note that was put inside Pam’s teapot was the heartful note that John Krasinski wrote to Jenna Fischer, telling about what their time on The Office meant to him.


18. During Jim and Dwight’s fight, Rainn and John would give each other tips, and most of the best lines would come from one another.


19. “Work Bus” episode from Season 9 was directed by Bryan Cranston.

"Work Bus" episode from Season 9 was directed by Bryan Cranston.
Bryan Cranston.

20. Many of the cast members like John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling have directed episodes in the show. 

Many of the cast members like, John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling, B.J. Novak, Paul Lieberstein, and Ed Helms have directed episodes in the show. 
Casting members become directors.

21. The crew shot way more than the required footage, such that many of the episodes could have been twice as long.


22. One of the last secrets is that the production had to shut down while shooting Season 5, because John and Rainn couldn’t stop laughing during the birthday party scene.


Source: buzzfeed  


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