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The One Pedro Pascal Scene from ‘The Last of Us’ That Terrified the Cinematographer: “We are preserving its iconic vibe”

The One Pedro Pascal Scene from 'The Last of Us' That Terrified the Cinematographer

Pedro Pascal’s The Last of Us won the hearts of not only those who adored the games but also those who watched the series without knowing anything beforehand. Whether it was the cinematography, the story, the acting, or every other aspect of the series; nothing could have prepared the fans for the per episode gut-wrenching pain they had to go through.

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

The series has been receiving praise ever since the first episode aired. Despite the series finale having premiered a while back, the series still remains to be a fan favorite. There was a lot of responsibility that came with making the series and cinematographers understood the task she had in front of her as well.

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Pedro Pascal’s Car Sequence Worried Cinematographers

Nico Parker, Sarah did not have many scenes in the series but the initial story was all about her connection with her father, Joel, played by Pedro Pascal. One particular sequence she had involved Pascal, Gabriel Luna, and Parker in a car, right as everything around them began to collapse.

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Nico Parker
The Last of Us star Nico Parker

“The opportunity to experience for the same amount of time what the characters experience. So picking this solution for the scene, we’re not copying it exactly, but we are preserving its iconic vibe.”

The sequence had something that offered gamers a visual advantage. It allowed them to take a look at all that they were surrounded by and understand the world their characters lived in, and now they do too. However, the same freedom is not as easy to execute in film and TV as it is to execute in games. So there was a decision that needed to be made. Ksenia Sereda, the cinematographer for The Last of Us, knew that the task at hand was not something that could be taken lightly. It required her to not only please the gamers but also those who were experiencing the story for the first time.

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Ksenia Sereda Turned Everything Into Nico Parker’s Perspective

It wasn’t easy. Ksenia Sereda was sure that it won’t be easy and she was dreading it just as much. However, the cinematographer knew that with a little bit of hard and smart work, she would be able to make the scene possible.

Pedro Pascal as Joel and Nico Parker as Sarah in The Last of Us
Pedro Pascal as Joel and Nico Parker as Sarah in The Last of Us

“In the game, when you’re in the car you have the freedom to look around, with a 360 view of what’s happening outside. Technically, we can’t copy that sequence, but we took the idea of the camera being connected to Sarah [Joel’s daughter, played by Parker], where we explore with her what’s happening around her.”

The entire sequence was made from the perspective of Nico Parker’s Sarah. Everywhere she looked, it was observed by the camera. Therefore an entire scene was created, taking in the surroundings, the chaos, and the beauty, all with Parker’s experience.

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Source: Screen Daily

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