The One Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Would’ve Done If He Was President : “I like to kind of improve the…”

After running for Governer, Schwarzenegger would've liked to run for President and solve a major crisis.

The One Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Would've Done If He Was President : "I like to kind of improve the..."


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has excelled in every field of profession from acting to bodybuilding and politics.
  • He reveals that he's constantly being told he would've been a great President of The United States.
  • He also said that if he would've been in power, he might've done something significant for the environment.
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From being one of the biggest names during the Golden Era of action films in Hollywood to being the biggest name in Bodybuilding to this day, Arnold Schwarzenegger did all of this and still wasn’t satisfied with his achievements. Thus, he decided to prove himself in politics as well, where he again made an impact by becoming the Governor of California in 2003.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a still from Commando
Arnold Schwarzenegger in a still from Commando

For eight years since his election in 2003, the star remained the face of the state and admirably served the government before taking his leave in 2011. When asked whether he would love to return to the game and run for President, he said that it’s not something he wants to do. But if he was president, he said that he would do something or the other for the environment.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Would’ve Tried To Fight Pollution If He Were To Become President

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

When we talk of overachievers, we all should remember the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger as being one of the biggest in the world, and for very good reason. From Hollywood to Bodybuilding and even Politics, the star has entered all these fields and revolutionized it for the better. Thus, people were curious to know what he would’ve done if he was President.


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In a past episode of The Howard Stern Show, the Conan The Barbarian star opened up about how he is always being approached by people who say that he would’ve been a great President. He said that he could not complain about not becoming the President as he isn’t a native of the country, but he also said that he would’ve been a good one if he could.

He also revealed that if he was in power, he would’ve done a lot of things, including doing something for the environment. He said:


“I’d like to kind of improve the environment situation, to make people come together- Democrats and Republicans- and to fight pollution.”

Being an avid supporter of environmental changes for the better, it’s not surprising to hear this issue is one of his major concerns.

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Why Schwarzenegger Has No Qualms About Not Being Able To Run For President?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in a still from Twins
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in a still from Twins

Apart from the obvious national law that non-native citizens cannot run for President of the US, the star sees that it’s not something that he loses his sleep for.


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He says that he isn’t mad that the law is made this way because it’s the law and it should be followed. Plus, he also said that everything that he has achieved thus far in his life have all been the result of America and the opportunities that it has presented him with, which is why the one thing that they cannot let him do is of little significance to him.

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