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The Only Way To Save the Arrowverse Is by Destroying Its Shared Universe!

The Arrowverse is the premier programming block of CW since 2012. Shows like the Arrow and The Flash have paved the way for Superman and Batman-related characters to make an appearance.

Save the Arrowverse by Destroying Its Shared Universe!
Arrowverse Characters











However, with a lot of Arrowverse shows coming to an end and thinning storyline, it’s time for this multiverse to bid adieu.

The End of Arrowverse

Save the Arrowverse by Destroying Its Shared Universe!
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Several shows from the shared universe are coming to an end. Next month Supergirl will come to an end and become one of the several shared universe shows that winded up. The progenitor of the shared universe, Arrow has already ended with its spinoff production falling through. Short-lived Black Lightning and Maiden of Might were the next shared universe shows to end.

Superman & LoisThe FlashLegends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman are the remaining Arrowverse shows. Amongst these, Superman & Lois is the newest show with a big budget. This also makes the show relatively different than other Arrowverse shows. Also, the show is more interested in telling an individual story rather than connecting itself with the multiverse.

The Flash is one of the longest-lived shows, however, it is also entering its final seasons. This means the show will eventually end sooner. It also means the end for The Legends. Another troubling show Batwoman has never found its position in the multiverse. The show must focus on telling individual stories rather than trying hard to connect itself with other shows.

The Arrowverse Moving Forward

Save the Arrowverse by Destroying Its Shared Universe!
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“Armageddon”, the crossover event for the shared universe isn’t even a true crossover. The event will just feature superheroes making brief appearances.

And this might just be the way for the shared universe to move forward. Instead of attempting to connect with other characters through twisted storylines that don’t make sense, Arrowverse should have other heroes making brief appearances in one or two episodes. The will help the shows tell their own story and prevent jeopardizing the overall production value.

Fans have received the show Superman & Lois positively just because it doesn’t correlate itself with other Arrowverse shows. Also, the shared universe shows don’t have any traction from the audience. Instead, the audience will like to watch such shows on apps such as the HBO Max. One such show is Green Lantern that has more budget and will stand out from the other DC shows.

Currently, CW is planning a new show Naomi that has been introduced in the comics recently. And hence, the character doesn’t have a fanbase, unlike other Arrowverse shows.

Arrowverse had a great run over the years but it’s time for the shows to come to an end. There is no more developmental hype around the storyline. Therefore, it will be best for the shows to tell individual storylines.


Written by Aditi Thosar