“The perfect citizens for his new world”: Death Note Creator Thought Kidnapping Misa Amane Would be Useless Because of How Little She Meant to Light Yagami

Death Note Creator Thought Kidnapping Misa Amane Would be Useless Because of How Little She Meant to Light Yagami
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Death Note is one of the most remarkable series ever to grace the anime community. It revolves around a boy named Light Yagami who acquires a book named Death Note, which has the ability to kill anyone whose name gets written in it. L is the greatest detective in the world, and he joins the police on a mission to uncover Light’s massacre. Death Note has quite an intriguing plot, and it has always attracted the audience because of that.

Death Note
Death Note Anime

Apart from Light Yagami and L, another crucial character in the series is Misa Amane. Albeit compared to Light and L, she isn’t that intelligent. But Misa possessed the Shinigami Eyes, which made her a pivotal character in the plot. The creator of Death Note was interviewed regarding the story and various plot points in which he reveals Light’s perspective on Misa.

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What did the Mangaka of Death Note say regarding Light Yagami’s feelings towards Misa Amane?

The creator of Death Note, Tsugumi Ohba, was interviewed regarding the details of his story. The interviewer asked, “Why did you not have Mello kidnap Misa?” to which he replied to the interviewer,

“If it was Misa, Light would not be bothered over whether she lived or died (laughs). Since the beginning, Light had always loved his family. He believed that they were good and righteous, the perfect citizens for his new world. Despite his Utopian aim of wanting to become the god of justice, he cared about the welfare of good people like Soichiro and Sayu. On the other hand, Misa had killed before, and because of that, Light saw her as a bad person and would have left her for dead. Hence, the person who was to be kidnapped by Mello could not be Misa.”

Light Yagami never became fond of Misa Amane. It was Chapter 70, where Light considered killing her since, for him, she was nothing more than a tool because of her eyes. His mindset regarding Misa was still similar to what he had in Chapter 30. He subtly expresses his strict intentions about not developing feelings for Misa.

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Did Light Yagami actually love Misa Amane in Death Note?

Misa and Light from Death Note
Misa and Light from Death Note

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Light Yagami never loved Misa Amane. The creator of Death Note even said in the interview that Light could bring himself to love a woman. This statement indicates a lot about his relationship with Misa. He also states in the series that he would never like her but can pretend to be her boyfriend.

After Light lost his memories, he was somewhat taken aback by Misa and was even disgusted by her. After turning back into Kira, he considers murdering Misa in the manga. Considering these criteria, it was very clear what his intentions were with her and he never loved her.


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