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The poster, the Plot: Memes Making Fun of Famous Movies

Movie posters allure the audience’s attention while encompassing the essence and feelings involved in the film. However, posters don’t always deliver the plot and can be deceiving. So, netizens have come up with a new meme explaining the plots of movies. Here’s a list of the funniest The Poster, The Plot Memes that had us chuckling:

1. Finding Nemo (2003):

the Plot, Finding Nemo (2003)
When Nemo gets kidnapped, Marlin embarks on a quest to find his son

2. Gintama (2005-2018):

the Plot, GinTama (2005–2018)
An anime based on a samurai and his eccentric group of friends

3. Brokeback Mountain (2005):

the Plot , Brokeback Mountain (2005)
The complication when two cowboys, who share an intimate relationship, marry their respective girlfriends.

5. Inception (2010):

the plot, Inception (2010)
Due to its complicated plot, Inception has often been criticized by the audience

6. John Wick (2014):

the Plot, John Wick (2014)
101 minutes of Keanu adoring his dog- Daisy

7. Sex and the City (2008):

the Plot, Sex And The City (2008)
The plot revolves around Carrie and her three best friends who stick together through every situation

8. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016):

the Plot, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)
Because of its cluttered plot, criticism has been high on this DC movie

9. Avengers: Infinity War (2018):

the Plot, Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
When Thanos wipes out half the universe along with our Marvel superheroes

10. Cats (2019):

The Plot, Cats (2019)
Starring Taylor Swift, this musical-fantasy based film received vast negative reviews.

11. The Mandalorian (2019-):

The Plot, The Mandalorian (2019-)
When Grogu – the toddler Yoda became an obsession all over the Internet

12. Avengers: Endgame (2019):

the Plot, Avengers: Endgame (2019)
When Captain America called Thor’s Mjolnir

13. The Godfather (1972):

The Plot, The Godfather (1972)
The plot revolves around Michael Corleone

14. Knives Out (2019):

The Plot, Knives Out (2019)
When Chris Evans’ sweater from the movie went viral

15. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2008):

The Plot, The Witcher (2019-)
Based on a video game and a book series, this TV show has been ridiculed for its cheesy and meaningless plot twists

16. To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar (1995)

The Plot, To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar (1995)
Drag queens depart on a road trip, while focusing on being true to themselves.

17. Hannibal (2013-2015):

The Plot, Hannibal (2013-2015)
Hannibal, a cannibalistic psychiatrist gets romantically involved with Will- a profiler in FBI

18. The Drop (2014):

The Plot, The Drop (2014)
When Bob finds Rocco – an abandoned puppy, his life takes a turn

19. Call Me By Your Name (2017):

the Plot, Call Me By Your Name (2017)
The utterly emotional yet erotic Peach Scene

20. Us (2019):

The Plot, Us (2019)
When a family on vacation encounters their murderous lookalikes.

21. The Big Flower Fight (2020):

The Plot, The Big Flower Fight (2020-)
Florists and garden designers compete to build flower sculptures

22. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011):

the plot, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)
When somehow Tom cruise survives and accomplishes impossible missions

23. The Witcher (2019-):

The Plot, The Witcher (2019-)

24. Supergirl (2015-2021):

The Plot, Supergirl (2015–2021)
Viewers can’t help but ship Lena and Kara throughout the series, even after their fallout in Season 5

25. I am Not Okay With This (2020):

The Plot, I Am Not Okay With This (2020)

Centered around a teen who is exploring her sexuality alongside the obscurities of high school

26. Future Man (2017-2020):

the Plot, Future Man (2017-2020)
Although clever, the plot is filled with vulgar and mistimed jokes

27. Ocean’s Eight (2018):

the Plot, Ocean's Eight (2018)
When Debbie and a crew of 7 women devises a heist

28. Dunkirk (2017):

the plot, Dunkirk (2017)
When the audience focused more on Harry than on the plot