“The preparation was…it’s difficult”: Henry Cavill, Who Consumed 5000 Calories For Superman, Found Getting Out Of Shape More Difficult Than His Gruesome Regime

Henry Cavill, Who Consumed 5000 Calories For Superman, Found Getting Out Of Shape More Difficult Than His Gruesome Regime
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An opportunity to star in a film that would end up defining the actor by the character for generations comes once in a lifetime. Henry Cavill knew that before he signed on to play Superman in 2013’s Man of Steel. 


Cavill, with his mighty vigor, fulfilled the legacy of the character in a way that fans of his work believe to this day that no one could ever do better. But, playing a role like that was not an easy job for him.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel

Zack Snyder had a vision for the character and that vision demanded a lot from Cavill. The British actor had to go through intense workout regimes and bring down his body fat percentage to 7%. 


But, prior to his lean days on the set of Man of Steel, Henry Cavill had almost sabotaged his physique as he had to be a chubby character for this $25M thriller.

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Henry Cavill Consumed Heavy Calories For The Cold Light of Day

Starring alongside the legend Bruce Willis in this thriller, Cavill is stuck in Spain trying to make sense of his family’s abduction. 


Mabrouk El Mechri’s The Cold Light of Day (2012) had a rather highly capable Henry Cavill play an average guy. 

Henry Cavill in The Cold Light of Day (2012)
Henry Cavill in The Cold Light of Day (2012)

In a recently surfaced video on Youtube, the actor is found talking about his preparation for the film. 

“I was told I wasn’t after a single press-up or sit-up, and to eat and drink as much as possible, and be as average and normal as I possibly could.”

He candidly shared that the film quite literally had him against the wall as he had turned down another project where he had to be super fit.


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Henry Cavill Had To Be The Complete Opposite Of Superman

Cavill had to be the polar opposite in The Cold Light of Day as opposed to his confident and mature performance in Man of Steel. 

In the face of a deadly threat like General Zod who would annihilate humanity to bring Krypton to life, Henry Cavill had to be at his absolute best, a hero who knows what he has to do.

The Cold Light of Day
The Cold Light of Day

But, he admitted that he had to learn the mannerisms of a normal street guy whose life had turned upside down.

He explained further –

“It was just an idea that the preparation was – be less competent and walk with less balance. So, the preparation was different…it’s difficult to prepare for something like that, you just have to feel it in the moment and run with it.”

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Just a year after the film, Henry Cavill had to carry the immense weight of the majestic cape and save the people of Earth, and it was a huge transformation graduating from a normal guy gobbling up calories to breaking the sound barrier as Superman.

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