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“The problem with the Avengers is”: Joe Rogan Is Still Not Impressed With Marvel Star Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, Who Recently Suffered Life Threatening Accident

"The problem with the Avengers is": Joe Rogan Is Still Not Impressed With Marvel Star Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, Who Recently Suffered Life Threatening Accident

Joe Rogan is very well known for his open-minded thoughts and his involvement in many controversial topics on his podcast named The Joe Rogan Experience. He brings famous individuals, movie stars, and sports personalities to his podcast to talk about many topics and indulges himself in multiple mysteries and controversies. Though he hosts his podcasts frequently, he also features as a commentator for the UFC, and in one of his podcasts with music artist B-Real, while talking about the Avengers and the Hulk especially, Rogan says something about Hawkeye that will displease many many of the MCU fans.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

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Joe Rogan Is Not Impressed by Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner

Joe Rogan has been indulging himself in modern society way too much as he always has something to say about many popular trendy cultures going around, whether for the good or the other way. One of the most prominent topics that he likes to speak on is comic-superhero-producing houses like the MCU and the DCU. He does not shy away from stating his opinion on these topics especially when it comes to the Marvel superheroes, the Avengers.

Joe Rogan on his podcast said that when it comes down to defending the world, the Hulk comes in handy but what does a guy with a bow and an arrow can do?

“The problem with the Avengers is; I would just call the Hulk. If I was that dude – Hawkeye, with the bow and arrow, ‘What am I doing on here? I just have a bow and arrow, that all. I am just kind of mildly acrobatic and have a bow and arrow’. Call the Hulk!!!”

Joe Rogan and Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye
Joe Rogan and Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye

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Now it’s not that, that Joe Rogan dislikes the actor portraying Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner, it is just a bit difficult for Rogan to understand what a guy with a bow and arrow can do in front of an alien invasion, destroying the Earth with their weapons, which are at least a million times more powerful than an arrow. In another episode of his podcast, Rogan says,

“There are aliens flying around in spaceships and he’s shooting arrows at them. Like that’s so dumb. He never runs out of arrows. It infuriates me”

Though Hawkeye is a very sophisticated character, specially trained for espionage and spying, tough times need tough measures and the fact that he never misses a shot, is quite incredible and comes in very handy in his line of work. It’s not always the situation that Clint Barton aka Hawkeye will go toe to toe with alien races or invade their spaceship or something.

What Happened to Jeremy Renner and How Is He Now?

On New Year’s day 2023, Jeremy Renner was involved in a very unfortunate accident where he suffered from blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries when a snowplow machine rolled over him which resulted in his being admitted to the hospital. He underwent a couple of surgeries and was in intensive care for 14 days before he was released from the hospital.

Jeremy Renner's latest upload, Renner doing the electric simulation workout
Jeremy Renner’s latest upload, Renner doing the electric simulation workout

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Renner broke over 30 bones in his body and despite suffering from so much pain, he currently doing well as he is currently in physical therapy, he also takes care of his fans as he regularly updates his fans worldwide through his social media accounts. He constantly keeps on sharing photos of his improvement from when he was admitted to the hospital, thanking all the people for the enormous love and support they are providing him with.

Recently, Jeremy Renner posted a short clip of him in an electric simulation workout, it is a simulation where it helps to improve one’s muscle and improves its recovery rate manyfold. Though this machine alone will not be enough to recover the damage done to him, it is one of those many small steps aimed toward his recovery. And it is only an amount of time before the Hawkeye star gets back on his own feet.

Source: The Joe Rogan Experience

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