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The Purple Man Returns in First Official ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Photo

Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first official image from the sophomore season of “Jessica Jones” in their exclusive first look issue.

Kilgrave 2

Jessica finished Kilgrave off after snapping his neck in the Season 1 finale, but David Tennant was considered by many to be the best part of the show, so it stands to reason that bringing him back is probably for the best. Of course, it’s still a mystery as to how pivotal his role will be and why exactly Jessica is hallucinating Kilgrave.

Whatever the reason, we can safely assume he’s whispering something horrendous in her ear. She looks pretty unsettled. Maybe she’s feeling some guilt over taking his life?

“Jessica Jones” Season 2 is expected to hit Netflix sometime in 2018 with no specific date announced. If you are looking to get your Jessica Jones fix, Season 1 and her team-up with “The Defenders” are streaming on Netflix.

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