The Real Reason Dredd 2 Will Never Happen

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The proud creation of Pete Travis, one of the most significant career milestones for all the cast involved, Dredd was a recreational film. It is based on a world where the police known as “Judges” are the ultimate law. The Judges have the power to prosecute, judge, and execute. Dredd was a big success for its time. Unfortunately, despite the widespread demand, the sequel will never be made. As sad as it sounds, here are the reasons why we won’t watch Dredd 2.


The Movie Plot focuses on one of the “Judges” named Dredd. He is evaluating a junior, Anderson, who, by the way, is psychic. Dredd is assigned a case; he has to investigate a crime in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of the city. Therefore he visits a 200 stories vertical slum that is controlled by one of the most overpowered drug lords, Ma-Ma. He and Anderson kill some of Ma-Ma’s close men. That’s when Ma-Ma takes control of the area and rages war against them, leaving no escape from the building. Now, the two have to survive and make their way up the tower to escape. The story ends in a wholesome manner, which clarifies that even if there were to be a sequel, this property wouldn’t be a part of it as nothing more can happen here.

Dredd plot
Dredd kicking a door to confront the goons

The writer of the film was asked if he wanted to write a sequel for dread. His response was pretty straightforward. “No. It was a crude experience, for a bunch of reasons. At the end of it, I didn’t want to go back. I love Dredd, by which I mean I love the character, but I’m not in any hurry to do that again.” This statement pretty much killed most of the hope fans had.

what the writers have to say about Dredd two
A poster for Dredd two made by hopeful fans

One possible reason why Garland is unwilling to continue the franchise may be that he was not given credits for all the work he had done. He had significantly contributed to the direction of the film, yet the credits were entirely given to Pete Travis. On the other hand, Pete was mostly kept out of the editing room as he bore some creative arguments with the producers. Let’s face it. Anyone would be pissed because when it comes to Hollywood, everything is about the “name.”

One of the writers of Dredd
The writer had an exhausting experience while creating Dredd

The leading actor (Karl Urban), who played the role of Judge Dredd, has spoken on record that he would love to be a part of the sequel if it happens. However, it isn’t very certain. He mentioned that he would love to watch Dredd in “Mega City One.” And we can’t disagree with him. The creators are introducing the world of Dredd in a much broader manner through this upcoming show. The movie was rigidly sprung around Dredd and the 200 story building. Therefore, the viewers didn’t get to explore the futuristic world and understand its functioning. The series will make up for all of that. However, the creators haven’t given any official updates regarding the same. So all we can do for now is wait.

karl Urban
The actor who played Judge Dredd


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