The Rings Of Power: Sauron’s 3 Greatest Powers & 3 Greatest Weaknesses

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With the arrival of Prime Video’s The Rings of Power, many characters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s lore will make an appearance, including Dark Lord Sauron. The adventures of the heroes in this story will make an incredible sight in the eyes of the fans as well as the terrifying acts of the wicked antagonist.


As a force of evil, the menacing dark lord cannot be beaten in a day. He possesses the greatest powers any entity can have, but with every strength comes a corresponding weakness. Indeed, the dark lord is not exempted from doom; he has a lot of soft spots that can be taken advantage of. Here are some of Sauron’s greatest powers as well as weaknesses:

Power: Knowledge Of The Universe

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As a member of the Maiar race, the founding leaders who created the universe, Sauron has been around for thousands of years. It means that his knowledge of the world and its inner workings are vastly innumerable. This is a great advantage on his side because knowing is half the battle, and half of it is already won.

Power: Shape-Shifting

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The dark lord’s ability to shape-shift provides him not only a means to transform into whatever form he wishes to but also cloak his identity. It is an incredible gift that allows him to upgrade his capability in contrast to his opponent. A good example is when Sauron faced a wolfhound and he transformed into a ferocious werewolf.


Power: Immortality

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What power is more glorious than possessing the elixir of life? Many are robbed of the privilege to live long, but the dark lord need not worry about death. His body might perish and turn into ashes, but his soul forever lives on. This makes the dark lord invincible to all forms of danger, and it is the most terrifying power of all.

Weakness: Arrogance

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With all those extreme abilities, it is easy for Sauron to believe that he is unstoppable and untouchable. This makes him think that everyone is just a pawn in his game of chess. But having such kind of mindset is what brought his downfall. The dark lord let his guard down and became complacent, and unbeknownst to him, Isildur managed to find a way to disarm and defeat him.

Weakness: Night Creature

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One of the greatest disadvantages of Sauron’s army is their inability to fight in daylight. Not only does it give the opponent the upper hand, but it also takes away a lot of time from them. Humans can toil morning and night, but for the dark lord’s army, only the night is their salvation.


Weakness: The One Ring

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The One Ring is Sauron’s greatest power, and, at the same time, his own poison. It gives him the strength he needs to dominate Middle-Earth, but it also holds the secret to his own destruction. Even his immortality can be taken away once the ring is destroyed. What a humorous irony for someone as formidable as the dark lord to have the same thing that bestows his life can also revoke it in a blink.


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