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‘The Rock did Undertaker so dirty’: Fans Slam NBC’s Young Rock Casting Josh Rawiri Who Looks Nothing Like the Legendary Wrestler

'The Rock did Undertaker so dirty': Fans Slam NBC's Young Rock Casting Josh Rawiri Who Looks Nothing Like the Legendary Wrestler

The Young Rock series has made several headlines since its release on NBC. The TV series is based on the life of none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. As the episodes went on, it has been subjected both to positive as well as negative attention. While the inspirational message and the life of the wrestler-turned-actor have been portrayed quite well, the casting decisions have disappointed many fans.

Young Rock
Young Rock faces criticism

Recently, a photo from Young Rock has been all over the internet which has raised a storm among the fans. The photo features the on-screen version of the legendary wrestler, The Undertaker played by Josh Rawiri. The fans trolled the creators of the show on how the on-screen Undertaker is nothing like the real legend.

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Young Rock casting choices welcome criticism

Dwayne Johnson FandomWire
Dwayne Johnson

Even after getting a look into some of the most impressive moments in The Rock’s life, the fans are not happy with the NBC sitcom. Before making his way into Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson dominated the rings of WWF(now WWE). As the show is focusing on significant moments in the Jumanji star’s wrestling career, it also showed many legendary wrestlers of that era. But the casting choice received intense backlash as the actors look nothing like the legends they play.

The photo which suddenly raised a storm of hate on Twitter features the on-screen versions of iconic Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mark William Calaway popularly known as The Undertaker. To be precise, Josh Rawiri’s Undertaker was outright rejected by fans who have grown up watching the Deadman brawling in the ring.

While many audiences are also defending the casting as they claim that it is not easy to find someone of the former WWE Wrestler’s height and physique. But on the other hand, the show based on The Rock is already infamous for casting faces that don’t even look close to the real celebs. Big names like Triple H, Jim Ross, and many others were also subjected to intense hate from the fans.

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Weird Undertaker casting disappoints fans

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

The fans didn’t leave a single chance to openly claim how the legendary wrestler looks awful in the show. They even demanded the studio to let some wrestlers play their own selves in the show if possible. Twitter has been filled with memes and funny reactions trolling Young Rock for its extremely weird casting.

We have collected some of the reactions:

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Presently, the show is in its third season with the last episode left to be released on January 20. It is not official if the third season will come out or not. It will be expected that the casting decisions are worked upon so that the classic WWE Fans can also find it interesting. It is not impossible as Young Rock also impressed many fans with Becky Lynch’s Cindy Lauper and Brett Azar’s Iron Sheik.

Young Rock can be streamed on Peacock.

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