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‘The Rock doesn’t fake it’: Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Claps Back at Joe Rogan For Saying He Takes Steroids, Said He Pushed His Body To the Ultimate Level

'The Rock doesn't fake it': Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Claps Back at Joe Rogan For Saying He Takes Steroids, Said He Pushed His Body To the Ultimate Level

Perhaps one of the strangest mysteries of the world is how thousands or even millions of people end up idolizing a public figure or personality to the point where their own input is numb and discarded. Joe Rogan, who gained notoriety for accusing WWE legend Dwayne Johnson of taking steroids last year is one such public figure.

Having 14 million plus strong subscribers on his YouTube channel PowerfulJRE and through his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, it’s no doubt that the UFC commentator has a huge following. The problem is that it ends up making anything controversial come out of his mouth a trending topic on social media. Considering what he said about The Rock, his words might have ended up biting him back.

Dwayne Johnson FandomWire
Joe Rogan

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Dwayne Johnson’s Body Is One To Admire At Such An Age

Not all stars are born overnight, and not all actors become famous overnight. Dwayne Johnson has definitely reaped the fruits of his labor and he’s now one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Be it a meme, a toy figure, or a superhero character – you will see The Rock in every aspect of media entertainment.

Dwayne Johnson FandomWire
Dwayne Johnson

But one of the most impressive features of the San Andreas star is the immaculate and well-toned body that he has maintained ever since he got famous. What makes it even more astonishing is that he’s 50 years old now, and maintaining such a chiseled figure seems like an impossible task at that age.

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But he has defied the norms and kept that buffed-up shape after all these years of acting and wrestling, and that’s ended up attracting suspicions from a lot of people over how genuine his regimen for keeping fit at such an age is.

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Joe Rogan’s Steroid Use Accusations Don’t Line Up With Dwayne Johnson’s Diligence

One of the biggest haters of Dwayne Johnson is the notorious Joe Rogan, or so at least his accusations regarding The Rock’s way of keeping fit tell us.

It’s not entirely hard to believe that an actor worth more than half a billion is able to keep in shape- he could have the best cooks, the best meal plans, and even a home gym to use whenever he pleases. But Rogan suspects that the WWE legend is actively taking steroids to keep in shape, and that’s just a baseless accusation.

Dwayne Johnson FandomWire
Dwayne Johnson

First of all, there’s a very clear explanation for all of it- he’s hardworking. The Rock even has a rigorous training and diet plan that he utilizes in the correct way to push himself to a limit which he actively flaunts on his social media accounts.

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He even has his own gym which he pays to get transported to everywhere he goes due to his hefty schedule as an actor. Johnson even admits that he has pushed himself to the brink of his body’s limit to stay in the best shape for Black Adam so that all the muscle was reflected on the suit of Teth Adam that he wore in the movie.

Joe Rogan should really consider rephrasing his words next time, accusing an actor of taking drugs, especially one with a work rate as amazing as Dwayne Johnson’s. It is a bold move and needs some factual basis.

Black Adam is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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