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The Rock Gets Accused of Making Fans Biased Towards Black Adam By Attending Test Screening With Them, Uses His Genius Strategy to Hype Up Movie and Test Score

the rock fans in black adam screening test

The Rock’s appearance at the first test screening came as a shock to the audience present there who were not at all expecting the Black Adam actor to be at the scene. Overall, it was all vibes at the screening as everyone was happy to see him, with most of them being super nice about the movie.

The eleventh movie in the DC Extended Universe seems to lack a promotion strategy by Warner Bros. Pictures. But that’s all being taken care of by The Rock, who singlehandedly plans to visit other test screenings of the movie to ask for reviews. His attempts at trying to appease the test audience have, however, dug out newfound criticism for his marketing tactic.

Black Adam FandomWire
A still from the movie

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Haters Claim The Rock Wants To Make Fans Biased By Showing Up At The Screenings

Dwayne Johnson, who plays the titular character in Black Adam, is head over heels for the release of his upcoming superhero movie as you can see from all the promoting that he’s engaging, like the surprise test screening appearance. But it does not convince the haters.

Black Adam FandomWire
A still from the movie

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People have been accusing The Rock, who plans on showing up at all of the test screenings, of coercing the audience present at the show of being biased toward the movie. Twitter has been going crazy ever since he announced the said plan, and a lot of them think it defeats the purpose of a test screening. Here are some-

This person took their time to chat some banter about the plan-

This tweet holds some truth-

This user says Johnson tweeting about his plan barely makes it a secret-

This user sums it up in a funny comparison-

It’s honestly pretty obvious that this is a marketing tactic from The Rock, and it’s even more obvious that fans will hold a positive opinion about the movie if the main star was in the seats with them. So, guys, it’s literally a no-brainer that this is being done to garner positive opinion toward Black Adam.

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The Rock Shares A New Look Into Black Adam’s Doctor Fate

The legendary 007 actor, Pierce Brosnan, is set to star in the upcoming Black Adam as Doctor Fate, and it looks like Dwayne Johnson is as excited as us to see the Goldeneye actor bring the powerful sorcerer to life in a live-action movie.

Black Adam FandomWire
Doctor Fate in the comics

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The Rock shared a tweet on Instagram just last week, giving us a new glimpse into the Doctor Fate costume that Brosnan will be donning in the movie, and it’s effin’ glorious-

That’s surely a high-definition picture, maybe Johnson got it from a higher-up at WB. All in all, Black Adam is suiting up to be a worthy addition to the DCEU, maybe it’ll be the one movie that can compete for WB against the MCU’s plethora of blockbuster movies.

Black Adam is set for a theatrical release on October 21, 2022.

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