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The Rock Practically Dictated To WB He Wants Henry Cavill in Black Adam At Any Cost: ‘Here’s how the movie should end…’

Dwayne Johnson gives the fans what they want.

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows the hype Black Adam has created around its release. From Dwayne Johnson hinting at Henry Cavill’s return as Superman to the Justice Society being a part of the movie, fans have not been able to keep their calm. Especially since the movie’s lead actor, Dwayne Johnson has had a huge hand in constantly stirring the fans of DCEU.

Black Adam Dwayne The Rock Johnson 2
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson admitted to consistently pushing the team towards a Superman cameo in the movie, more importantly, Henry Cavill’s cameo as Superman. Even though the team had its doubts about the return, Dwayne Johnson was not going to give up. One could say he gets his resilience from his WWE days.

The Black Adam Star Doesn’t Take No for an Answer

Dwayne Johnson.
Actor Dwayne Johnson.

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*Black Adam spoilers ahead*

Collider’s recent interview with Dwayne Johnson revealed how he managed to persuade the studio for a Henry Cavill cameo, despite there being some push back on the other end. He stated that all he wanted to do was give the fans what they wanted and to live up to their expectations. The fact that Johnson and his team have been friends with Cavill for quite some time also might have had a hand in this record-breaking cameo. In Johnson’s own words, it was the new leadership at Warner Bros. that made the cameo possible.

“It got to a point where collectively, I want to say myself, Danny and Hiram, we said, ‘Here’s how the movie should end. And I’ll give you one further, test it, and if it doesn’t work, we’ll never talk about it again. Test it.’ We shot it, to their credit, new leadership. They saw it and said ‘We don’t even have to test it.’”

Previously Johnson had revealed that it took almost six years to convince the studio for the cameo and that Warner Bros. initially showed absolutely zero interest in bringing back Henry Cavill for Black Adam as Johnson said that “they kept saying no” to the idea. Therefore, if Superman fans want to thank someone for this incredible cameo, it should be Dwayne Johnson and the new leadership for making it possible.

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How Superman’s Return Effects the ‘New Era’

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill as Superman

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The Red Notice actor stated that he enjoyed peaking fans’ curiosity throughout the movie’s promotion, talking about the hierarchy shift and DC universe’s new era. Johnson revealed that his words about the new era weren’t just a promotion tactic. He truly sees Black Adam as an “opportunity to really expand the DC universe.”

He admitted that it was almost frustrating when fans demands weren’t met as much as they should. He stated that the new era was all about making the fans feel heard, and bringing back the person who embodies Superman was a way of telling the fans that don’t worry, we hear you.

Superman’s cameo in the post-credit scene of Black Adam is a huge leap for the DCEU. It not only opens up a million other possibilities, it is also exciting to think about which direction is the superhero universe headed to. Whether Superman will join his Justice League teammates or Black Adam will be the new head of the table, are all questions waiting to be answered. While fans are of course welcome to speculate and create their own theories, one thing that is assured is that the journey into DC’s future is going to be one hell of a ride.

Black Adam is currently playing in theatres.

Source: Collider

Written by Mishkaat Khan

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