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‘The Rock said hell no I’m too old for this’: Fans Troll Dwayne Johnson Picking a 1v1 Fight With Football Veteran, Then Backing Out at the Last Moment

Fans Troll Dwayne Johnson Picking a 1v1 Fight With Football Veteran, Then Backing Out at the Last Moment

Now we all know that Dwayne Johnson before his career in the WWE used to play football and he was pretty serious about it. From his high school days, he used to be big and muscular, and one fateful meeting with a sports teacher changed his life around for the better. But it was not long after he went to college that he was benched due to shoulder injuries and knee surgeries.

Recently Dwayne Johnson shared a video on Instagram where he is seen to be giving a short motivational speech for the XFL teams and getting them ready for the upcoming tournament. In the video, it is also been shown that The Rock challenges one of the athletes only to back off at a later point.

Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia promoting XFL
Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia promoting XFL

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Fans Troll Dwayne Johnson For Backing Off

The XFL is a minor professional football league that is located in the United States. It may not be as big as the NFL, but it has much popularity taking into account that it was founded in 2018 by former WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon. But when it went bankrupt back in 2020, Dwayne Johnson along with his business partner Dany Garcia bought the whole company for $15 million and have plans to return on February 2023.

XFL Owner 'The Rock'
XFL Owner ‘The Rock’

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In his recent upload on Instagram, it is shown that The Rock is pumping up his players for the coming days and the beginning of the XFL for the first time after he bought it from McMahon. In the video, a clip shows Johnson challenging an athlete while going for a three-pointer. He only stopped midway after challenging him one-on-one.

Many fan comments troll him for this scene as some say, “The Rock said hell no I’m too old for this”, “The Rock didn’t want that smoke!”, “Rock said oohhh no too slow and said Mc hammer can’t touch me”, “he said f**k that I don’t play ball anymore”, “Hilarious…I mean the rock ain’t no little dude. Might have a chance”. 

Dwayne Johnson’s Football Career

At an early age, Johnson moved schools multiple times in a year due to their poor family condition. Freedom, another school where he started studying was his fourth school in three years. And he was a notorious kid at that too as he would get into fights due to his big and mean body structure, visiting the principal’s office every now and then.

As soon as he started at his new school, he did not like the smell of the boys’ washroom so he would go to the teachers’ washroom where students were prohibited. One day Johnson met a teacher who scolded him for being in the teachers’ lounge, and later when we went on to apologize to the teacher, he proposed to Johnson to play for his football team.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

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This marked the start of his life-changing decision in football, and he was also the first person from his family to attend college. Though he played very well and had the talent to go All-American, various injuries forced him to get benched. Dwayne Johnson had to go through shoulder surgery as well as four knee surgeries. Though at the end of his Miami football career, he ended with 78 tackles and 4 sacks. As none of the NFL teams drafted him, he signed with the Calgary Stampeders but was dropped a couple of months later.

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