‘The Rock’s lying’: Bodybuilding Expert Reveals Dwayne Johnson’s 8000 Calories a Day Diet is a Big Fat Lie – ‘He’d be a 100 Pounds Overweight’

Bodybuilding Expert Reveals Dwayne Johnson's 8000 Calories a Day Diet is a Big Fat Lie
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Dwayne Johnson, who is also well known by the name ‘The Rock’ by many fans from his career wrestling at WWE, was open about his well-fed diet of 6000 to 8000 calories every day, ranging from 5 to 7 meals per day. The actor is also known for his famous cheat days which he says are a way to reward himself after a long disciplined week.


However, Johnson’s diet of 8000 calories per day was claimed to be a fake by George Doucette, a fitness model known for his high-intensity workouts. Doucette mentioned if The Rock did eat 8 thousand calories, the Hercules actor would be 100 pounds overweight.

The Rock
The Rock

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George Doucette claims The Rock lies about his 8000-calorie diet

A peak into Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram account would reveal the former WWE wrestler’s love for food. The Black Adam actor could be seen devouring lots of food items like pancakes, cookies, and brownies. Johnson has revealed that while he usually consumed 6000 calories, his count sometimes goes to 8000 calories if needed for his movies.

Greg Doucette
Greg Doucette

However, the claims of the Jungle Cruise actor were said to be wrong by Greg Doucette, a fellow bodybuilder. Doucette mentioned in a YouTube video that it wasn’t possible for The Rock to consume so many calories, or else he would be hundred pounds obese.

He's LYING - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson


Doucette even counted the calories Johnson could’ve consumed on a day-to-day basis however, the result fails to sum up even 6000 calories, forget 8000.

“6-8000 calories so where did the 5000 calories come from that he didn’t describe in this video? He described about 3000 calories maybe, but where do we get the 6-8000 total calories, “I just continue to eat” he never ever described half of what he is eating, and this is supposed to be a video telling us exactly what he ate to get in shape, stay in shape but yet he doesn’t give us any of that, he gives us a couple of made-up meals, sounds cool and because he is The Rock we just listen to him and love him”

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Greg Doucette even accused and roasted The Rock in the past, calling him a fake bodybuilder.


The Rock talks about his diet

The allegations that Dwayne Johnson lied about his diet came out when the San Andreas actor talked about his daily intake of calories in an interview. Johnson, who has been known for his acting as well as his impressive physique, revealed he regularly consumed around 6000 calories.

“I mean, Ray, just between us and I know the cameras aren’t rolling right now, I mean it’s like into the 5,000 and 6,000 [range].”

The Rock during his wrestling years
The Rock

The actor, while working out in a proper manner while maintaining a good diet, is also open about indulging in weekly cheat days. His Instagram feed receives updates often about the cheat days where we can see the actor’s priceless love for cookies.


I do [cheat]. And just to be clear for everybody watching, occasionally meaning once or twice a week. I enjoy sharing [food posts] try to make it as fun as possible.

The actor also drinks 11 to 13 liters of water every day as well as his own energy brand Zoa, to keep hydrated.

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Dwayne Johnson’s recent movie Black Adam will be available for streaming on HBO Max around December 5.

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