The RPG Responsible for the Most Irritating Video Game Ad EVER is Now On Steam

The advertising sensation is now on Steam.


  • RAID: Shadow Legends, the turn-based RPG has launched on Steam.
  • The game has been criticized for its annoying advertisements and collaborations.
  • Players on Steam have slammed developer Plarium Global.
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The dark-fantasy gacha RPG from Plarium Global, RAID: Shadow Legends is popular for several reasons including the most irritating ads ever seen for a video game. The game has been the subject of attention for its annoying advertising campaign and there are chances every gamer has seen the annoying ads for the video game at least once on social media platforms.


RAID: Shadow Legends, has now landed on Steam, four years after it was first released for PC via Plarium’s launcher. However, despite its popularity, even for the wrong reasons, the game is not doing very well and has received mixed reviews from players.

Gacha RPG RAID: Shadow Legends Launches on Steam

The turn-based gacha RPG RAID: Shadow Legends is now available on Steam.
The turn-based gacha RPG RAID: Shadow Legends is now available on Steam.

RAID: Shadow Legends is a free-to-play turn-based RPG set in the world of Teleria where a dark lord called Siroth has returned and wreaking havoc. Players play as Telerian warriors who are called by the Arbiter to save the world. Players will need to raise an army to fight enemies in several places such as castles, dungeons, deserts, and more. The game brings the same storyline to Steam.


The game features different single-player campaigns, PvE and PvP modes, and other customization options. There are several character classes, eight game modes, and over 800 champions from 15 factions in RAID: Shadow Legends that players can use in any of the game modes. All the champions can be collected and upgraded and have unique skills and abilities.

There are four types of Shards available in the game that players can collect as they progress further and two in-game currencies, Silver and Gems that can be used in the game. The game brings a lot of variety and has been praised for its graphics and visuals. While this all makes the game seem like a great gacha RPG title otherwise, it has been criticized for several reasons.

The game has been in the limelight for its predatory freemium model and irritating ads.
The game has been in the limelight for its predatory freemium model and irritating ads.

The main reason is the aggressive advertising on social media platforms including sponsorships with what may or may not have seemed like every content creator on YouTube and Twitch which even led to it becoming meme material on the internet.


The other core reason is monetization and how it pushes players for in-game purchases with a freemium model that somehow feels predatory. Moreover, the price of everything in the game is sky-high, the summon rates are poor, and how much players need to grind even after purchases.

Regardless of all this, the game has been fairly successful on mobile devices with 4.7 and 4.5 ratings on the App Store and Google Play, respectively but the Steam release has not gone as well as developer Plarium would have expected. The game currently has a “Mixed” rating based on over 300 reviews with 58% negative reviews.

Players on Steam have slammed the developer and asked them to spend as much time on the game as much as they spend on advertising it. Players criticized the pop-up ads that try to sell stuff to the players with one player even calling it “pay to win garbage.” Many also advised new players who might try the game to not spend any money and called the developers greedy.


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