“The scariest point in my career was…”: Fast X isn’t the Project That Terrified Alan Ritchson the Most

Alan Ritchson, who played Aimes in ‘Fast X,’ in an interview reflected on playing the daunting task of taking the role of Jack Reacher, previously brought to life by none other than Tom Cruise.

"The scariest point in my career was...": Fast X isn't the Project That Terrified Alan Ritchson the Most


  • 'Reacher' actor Alan Ritchson opened up about the toughest task for him in his career.
  • It was not 'Fast X', but the role as the new Jack Reacher, in which the world surely loves him .
  • Ritchson reacted to his comparison with the Top Gun: Maverick star for playing Reacher.
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In Fast X, Alan Ritchson played Aimes, the new leader of the Agency in lieu of Mr. Nobody. However, despite the high-octane nature of the Fast and Furious franchise, Ritchson revealed that it wasn’t this project that terrified him; it was the prospect of playing the iconic character Jack Reacher.

Alan Ritchson in Reacher
Alan Ritchson in Reacher

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ritchson was asked about his preparation for playing Reacher and the actor reflected on the daunting task of taking on the role, previously brought to life by none other than Tom Cruise. 

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Alan Ritchson Opens Up About Facing His Career’s Toughest Project 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alan Ritchson, known for his portrayal of Jack Reacher, delved into the challenges and preparations he underwent for his Fast X.

Alan Ritchson and Vin Diesel in a still from Fast X.
Alan Ritchson and Vin Diesel in a still from Fast X.

But joining the Fast X family was not the toughest task for him in his career. Opening up about the most terrifying task he told Entertainment Weekly:

The scariest point in my career was deciding whether or not I could take on a role like Reacher with one of the highest-selling book franchises in the world, a well-known character that had been played by the other greatest action star of all time [Tom Cruise].”

He thought that if he succeeded as Reacher, then he could do any role. He further added:


“There was just a lot to live up to and huge shoes to fill. Stepping into that gave me the confidence to go, “If I could make that work, then I can handle any set or any character.

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Fans think that Ritchson’s performance as Reacher feels more authentic to the source character. His portrayal, according to many audiences was a more accurate representation of the character than Tom Cruise’s portrayal in the films.

Alan Ritchson Spoke on the Comparisons to Tom Cruise’s Portrayal of the Jack Reacher Character

Comparisons are inevitable, particularly when it comes to characters like Jack Reacher. Recently, Alan Ritchson, the star of the Prime Video series Reacher, shared his thoughts on being compared to Tom Cruise, who previously brought the character to life on the big screen. 

Tom Cruise in and as Jack Reacher (2012)
Tom Cruise in and as Jack Reacher (2012)

In an interview with Jonatan Blomberg, Ritchson expressed nothing but admiration for his predecessor. 

“Never. Being compared to the most legendary actor of all time? The last film star? I would never tire of being compared to somebody of his stature,” Ritchson stated. “Look, he did his thing, he brought a lot of eyes to this project that wouldn’t be here otherwise, I think. There’s some great IP, the books are great, a lot of people have read them and enjoy the show because of them, but I think a lot of people enjoy the show because he made them aware of it.

Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher films, faced some criticism from fans for deviating from the physical description of the character from the source material. In the novels, Reacher is a towering 6’5″ former military police major, that hardly matched with Cruise’s 5’7″ frame. Ritchson, at 6’2″, brings a closer physical resemblance to the literary Reacher. 

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While Cruise’s performances in the film adaptations garnered acclaim, the Prime Video series has gained favor among fans for presenting a more faithful rendition of the character and the world crafted by Lee Child. Ritchson’s depiction of Jack Reacher aligns more closely with the source material, a factor that has contributed to the show’s success. 

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