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“The serpent society”: After Chris Evans’ Departure From Captain America Franchise, Marvel Is Brining 6 New Major Villains For Anthony Mackie’s Next Movie

After Chris Evans' Departure From Captain America Franchise, Marvel Is Brining 6 New Major Villains For Anthony Mackie's Next Movie

Fans are eagerly waiting to see where Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, aka, the new Captain America is taking the story with Captain America 4 all set to release in 2024. With Chris Evans’ rumored departure from the franchise in the next movie spreading in the light of the new bunch of set photos released, people are wondering who it is that will finally put an end to the previous Captain’s journey. Confirmation of Tim Blake Nelson’s Leader being the next major villain of the arc has already become public, putting fans on a spin.

Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America in Captain America 4
Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America in Captain America: New World Order

However, a recent insider report claims that he might not be the only one. If rumors are to be believed, it seems Captain America 4 is brewing the premise for finally including the infamous Serpent Society into the plot. As fans know, the Serpent Society is a group of villains who shaped their identities after snakes. As such, the excitement seems to be growing to see how Leader and the Serpent Society, both are going to play in Captain America 4‘s plot line.

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Captain America 4 to introduce the Serpent Society 

In a recent episode of The Hot Mic podcast, insider Jeff Sneider mentioned that Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ Val might not be the only villain returning to the franchise. According to him, he has heard that along with her, five other villains are working to form the Serpent Society.

He said,

“I’ve heard that she’s in the movie… In ‘New World Order’… working along five other villains to form the group, the Serpent Society… and their main mission is to obtain a special metal that is not Vibranium.”

Along with Val, the other villains include Princess Python, Diamondback, and Viper. It should be mentioned that there was even a buzz about the casting call of Diamondback sometime ago from Marvel.

Tim Blake Nelson as the Leader in The Incredible Hulk
Tim Blake Nelson as the Leader in The Incredible Hulk

Some are even wondering if it is Xosha Roquemore who is going to take up the suit of this villain against Anthony Mackie‘s Sam Wilson in the upcoming phase, starting with Captain America 4. So although it is not fully confirmed yet, it does add up. This also finally connects with Marvel president Kevin Feige’s comment from years ago teasing the existence of the society. Back in 2014, he joked that Captain America’s next movie will be Captain America: Serpent Society, before revealing the real name of the movie as Captain America: Civil War

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Captain America 4 starts pursuit of a new metal

Sneider’s other claim that the metal the potential Serpent Society would be pursuing is not Vibranium also gives flame to another rumor that sparked some time ago. That is, this new metal they are talking about in the franchise is Adamantium. The metal is known to coat the claws and bones of Wolverines. This might mark a direct correlation between Hugh Jackman returning as the Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

The Serpent Society in the Marvel comics
The Serpent Society in the Marvel comics

Other than that, it should also be mentioned that Val is already confirmed to return in Thunderbolts. So fans seem to be wondering whether being the CIA director, the Thunderbolts, and the rumored Serpent Society member is one association too many for her. There are also some rumors claiming that there is a possibility of Florence Pugh also joining this nefarious society as Yelena Belova. As both actresses have worked together previously, it might be interesting to see them on screen again. The details of the other actors rounding up the six-member group, though, are yet to make waves.

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As shooting for the movie just started, hopefully, there will be more revelations in the near future as more information and set photos are released. However, as nothing is confirmed as of yet, all of these assumptions are sure to keep the fans even more excited about Captain America 4.

Captain America: New World Order is set to hit theaters on May 3rd, 2024.

Source: The Direct

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