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The Seven vs The Justice League. Who Wins?

There is no doubt the Seven from Amazon Primes The Boys has lots of reference to DC’s Justice League. But what would happen if both super powered teams met head to head for a battle? Let’s dive deep into both teams and determine which of the two would win in battle. We will be looking at The Seven featured from their television series rather than the comics. For the Justice League we will be looking at their incarnations from the current comic book series, either in their own separate series or their run together in Justice League. Also, to keep things interesting we will only be featuring six battles to determine the best four out of six. Before we begin we would also like to initiate a SPOILER WARNING for both Seasons of The Boys. Now let’s take a look at the heroes of the DC Universe and the so called “heroes” of Vought Industries.


The Deep vs. Aquaman

A close call, due to the similarities between the two. Both have enhanced Durability, Strength and Swimming abilities. Both have the power to communicate with under water life and breathe underwater. While The Deep is powerful in his own right, there is not much to his back story. Aquaman on the other hand comes from a long line of Atlantian Royalty, be one with Atlantis and one with the surface. He spent a large part of his childhood being trained by his mentor Vulko into mastering his aquatic abilities and efficiency with a trident. Due to their portrayals on screen, it is also safe to say that The Deep comes off a bit unsure of himself and his powers. Compared to Aquaman who has spent years developing his skills and at time relentless with his abilities.

Winner: Aquaman (The Seven: 0, Justice League: 1)


Stormfront vs. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

The first experiment of Compound V, taking on the legendary Emerald Knight. Stormfront enters the Seven after the death of Translucent; capable of electric manipulation, super strength, flight and health regeneration. Green Lantern on the other hand has the strength of will to fuel his power ring, which can construct anything his mind can think of. With the large diversity that comes with Lanterns power ring, there is an endless wave of attacks he can unleash on Stormfront. However, being over a hundred years old and efficient in many forms of combat; combine that with her superhuman strength and it things are not looking so good for the Green Lantern. Understandably though, there is no way Stormfront has nearly as much will as Hal Jordan. Meaning her electrical powers most likely wouldn’t be able to get through Lanterns constructs but due to her incredible strength, most of Lanterns attacks wouldn’t phase Stormfront. The Emerald Knight would have to keep her at a distance, but if Stormfront got close enough, we don’t see GL making it through her onslaught of attacks.

Winner: Stormfront (The Seven: 1, Justice League: 1)


A-Train vs. The Flash (Barry Allen)

Two separate speedsters, both with one advantage over the other. A-Train was formally part of a group called Teenaged Kix before being recruited by Homelander to join The Seven. Barry Allen on the other hand is a forensic detective whose chemicals were struck by lightning and gave him superhuman speed. Throughout the course of The Boys, it is revealed that A-Train has been shooting up doses of compound V and although it has increased his abilities, he ended up receiving heart attacks from it. The Flash has spent years learning and mastering his power, discovering the extent of his abilities. A-Train does come with superhuman strength, which is a large upgrade from the Flash since he doesn’t have that. However the Flash does come equipped with the ability to phase through things and tape into the speed force. With A-Train’s current struggles and Flash’s power mastery, we have to give this one to the Fastest Man Alive.

Winner: The Flash (The Seven: 1, Justice League: 2)


Black Noir vs. Batman

Now we get into the more difficult decision making of our list, as we enter the trinity of both genres. Not much has been discovered about Black Noir but any time we have seen him on screen, he has been one of the most intimidating and hostel characters through The Boys. Batman on the other hand is one of the most well-known characters in comic book history, anyone can take a look at his logo and know exactly who he is. Noir is proficient in hand to hand martial arts as well as with knives, just to top it off; he is also incredibly strong and fast. However, Batman is well equipped with numerous gadgets and tools to assist him in battle and a massive knowledge of martial arts and stealth. But let’s take into account that Black Noir is also knowledgeable in stealth, perhaps not as well as Batman but still is proficient. But what gives Black Noir an advantage is his enhanced strength and agility, not to mention he is immune to pain. Batman wouldn’t last very long going against this superhuman version of himself, therefore we give the advantage to Black Noir. Maybe if Batman came with an Almond Joy?

Winner: Black Noir (The Seven: 2, Justice League: 2)


Queen Maeve vs. Wonder Woman

Warriors, Humanitarians and role models to girls around the world, come the second most powerful beings on their respective teams. Queen Maeve comes with enhanced variations of all her abilities which include strength, speed, agility, stamina and durability. An elite warrior, one of the few who could go toe-to-toe with Homelander. Wonder Woman is the Princess of the Amazons, and is also one of the fiercest warriors in the DC Universe. Both heroes’ powers match up fairly well, most likely bringing the battle down to who can withstand the brutality of the fight since both of their weaknesses are extreme brute force. Waiting to see which warrior will surrender first despite their heightened abilities. The one advantage though is given to Wonder Woman, since she does come equipped with her lasso of truth which can be used immensely useful during battle. Also, Diana grew up on Themyscira where she received intense training and knowledge of combat by the Amazons. Giving the bonus advantage to Wonder Woman.

Winner: Wonder Woman (The Seven: 2, Justice League: 3)


Homelander vs Superman

It comes down to this, the match that can tie up this battle or give the win to DC Comics. This battle comes evenly matched between the two god-like beings. Both are empowered with super strength, invulnerability, flight, heat vision and x-ray vision; making this battle a close one to call. One grew up in a lab and constantly tested on until his powers were discovered, while the other is from the planet krypton and was raised by his adopted parents in Smallville. One has a rough upbringing while the other came from a loving home, creating an interesting dynamic between the two. The lives these two titans have lived changes the odds of the battle, since Homelander is much more relentless and fatal compared to Superman who has often been referred to as a boy scout. However despite their differences, Superman is always willing to get up and keep coming back despite the strength or power of his enemy. His unrelenting heart is what gives him the advantage in this battle, as long as there are is a world that needs saving then Superman will not stop protecting it. Proving that good always wins over evil.

Winner: Superman (The Seven: 2, Justice League: 4)

The Justice League Wins

What did you think about these picks? Would the admirable Justice League be able to survive the onslaught on The Seven? Are the League truly powerful enough to defeat The Seven? Do you agree with our winners? Let us know what you think!