“The show grew an extra heart”: Simon Helberg on the 2 Stars That Saved The Big Bang Theory, None of Them are Kaley Cuoco

The sitcom benefited greatly following these two actors' additions per Helberg.

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  • Simon Helberg spoke highly highly of his two The Big Bang Theory costars.
  • According to Helberg, the show grew an extra heart following their addition.
  • Jim Parsons also benefited from their inclusion, as it meant less pressure on him.
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When it comes to his life outside of showbiz, Simon Helberg loves to keep things private, which explains why the actor doesn’t have any social media accounts. He also avoids appearing in interviews, but he did make an appearance on his The Big Bang Theory costar Mayim Bialik’s podcast two years ago, which was also his last public interview.


But during his conversation with the actress, who joined The Big Bang Theory cast in season 3, Helberg deemed her and another costar the most important aspects of the sitcom.

Simon Helberg Deemed Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik the Hearts of TBBT

Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik
A still from The Big Bang Theory | CBS

Despite becoming one of the most iconic sitcoms of the 21st century, like many other great sitcoms, The Big Bang Theory didn’t really start on a high note. The first season of the Kaley Cuoco-led show is often seen as one of the weaker additions to the series. But the series soon picked up the pace in the following seasons, which saw the addition of Melissa Rauch as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz and later Mayim Bialik as fan-favorite Amy Fowler. 

Simon Helberg in a scene in The Big Bang Theory
Simon Helberg in The Big Bang Theory | CBS

Simon Helberg, who made his debut as Howard Wolowitz in the pilot, deemed the two actors the heart of the sitcom, stressing following their arrival, “the show grew an extra heart”.

You’re either being modest or overlooking something. Which is a fundamental part of the ship, which was you coming on the show. And Melissa. You guys came on the show, and the show grew an extra heart. An octopus. The show that the people remember is of the seven of us.

Both fans and Jim Parsons won’t disagree with Helberg’s statements, as Bialik’s introduction also meant less pressure for Parsons in the sitcom.

Jim Parsons Was Finally Allowed a Breather After Mayim Bialik’s Addition

Mayim Bialik in The Big Bang Theory
Mayim Bialik in The Big Bang Theory | CBS

The first three seasons of the sitcom took a heavy toll on Jim Parsons, both physically and mentally, as it required him to parrot rapid scientific monologues on a constant basis.


This eventually pushed him to quit drinking for nine years, but things finally started to shift once Bialik made her TBBT debut, as Parsons no longer had to carry the weight of monologues alone.

I became more relaxed with the process and more willing to go into certain scenes on a tape night not having quite the at-home rehearsal time behind me that I spent the first many years going through

It’s reasonable to see why the Young Sheldon star spoke highly of Rauch and Bialik, as not only did their entry elevate the sitcom’s quality, but it also meant less stress for the show’s lead.

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Max.


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