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The Shrink Next Door Showrunner Georgia Pritchett Talks Making Apple TV+ Series (EXCLUSIVE)

The Shrink Next Door Showrunner Georgia Pritchett Talks Making Apple TV+ Series

The first three episodes of Apple TV+ newest limited series, The Shrink Next Door will premiere on the streaming platform on Friday, November 12th. 

The Shrink Next Door

We were able to speak with showrunner, executive producer, and writer of The Shrink Next Door, Emmy Award winner Georgia Pritchett.

You can watch the full interview down below:

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Georgina Pritchett declared:

“We can all be Marty. And I think, approaching it that way, rather than presenting the TV version (…) where you already decided that Marty is the victim and Ike is the villain, felt kind of less interesting to me. (…) It’s complicated, their relationship. And I wanted to show how easy it was for Marty to get drawn into a situation that gets increasingly unhealthy.”


This show is based on the podcast The Shrink Next Door, which tells the real-life story of Marty Markowitz (Will Ferrell), and the growing unhealthy and toxic relationship he developed with Dr. Ike (Paul Rudd), the charismatic psychiatrist who ended up manipulating Marty for almost 30 years. 

Martin and Ike’s connection started as a simple patient/psychiatrist relationship. This relationship felt completely legit in the beginning, even touching. And even though we know that their friendship will grow into a destructive and noxious spiral, Georgia Pritchett felt like it was important to show that sometimes, the unhealthy connection between two people isn’t always as easily defined as “good and evil”. 

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