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“The simpler the story the more that it can kind of play”: Matt Damon Blames Global Audience for Death of Indie Movies, Claims Studios Focusing More on Broader Appeal

"The simpler the story the more that it can kind of play": Matt Damon Blames Global Audience for Death of Indie Movies, Claims Studios Focusing More on Broader Appeal

Matt Damon kicked off his acting in the late 1980s and since then, it’s going pretty well. He has worked on several great projects that cemented him among the most bankable actors in the Hollywood industry. Given that he has already witnessed the cinema changing quite swiftly, he shared his opinion on the condition of independent films in the industry.

Matt Damon
American actor, Matt Damon

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Damon has worked on several projects including Good Will Hunting, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and The Bourne series which brought his talent to the front. Having known the industry for quite a long while, he shared his view on how indie films are being widely affected due to global audiences.

Matt Damon Shared His Opinion on Indie Film Projects

Matt Damon Courage Under Fire
Matt Damon in Courage Under Fire

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The 52-year-old actor, Matt Damon in a 2016 interview with Metro UK shared how the industry lacked in believing in independent projects which contributed a lot to growing the entertainment sector.

He further went on to share how the old “DVD market” was one of the factors that contributed to the change. Given the condition that the cinema is continuously blooming, he felt that studios are rather betting “big on these big titles.”

He added how the international audience was also a significant factor in impacting the change being witnessed in cinema.


“And with this whole international audience, the more, you know, the simpler the story the more that it can kind of play, the less language matters so that the more broad appeal that it can play around the world, and that’s why you’re seeing the movies change.”

While the film industry is focusing to appeal the global audience, the TV market continues to keep the real essence intact.

Renaissance in TV Market!

Matt Damon in the Jason Bourne franchise.
Matt Damon in the Jason Bourne franchise.

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The film producer further continued how the TV industry is facing a “renaissance” at that point especially when the film industry is keeping fewer indie projects. Indie films were bread and butter for him personally but there was a transition spotted from film to TV in terms of indie projects.


He shared,

“It’s a bummer for me because my bread and butter was those movies, those dramas, but there are lots migrating to TV. Television is really experiencing this renaissance and they’ve got these incredible writers who have so much more power on television than they did in the film world and they’re writing incredible stories.”

While great stories continue to reach audiences through the power of television, it is still a point that he wanted to highlight that indie movies are tough to find. Several movies continue to keep indie fans’ flame’ going but the quantity has drastically subsided over the years.

Source: Metro UK


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