“The studio didn’t know how to market that film”: Samuel L. Jackson’s Greatest Regret – Not Shaft, He Blamed the Studio for Not Properly Marketing $95M Movie to Women

"The studio didn't know how to market that film": Samuel L. Jackson's Greatest Regret - Not Shaft, He Blamed the Studio for Not Properly Marketing $95M Movie to Women

While some Hollywood actors get attached to specific kinds of roles throughout their careers, others simply like to explore their talent and try out new genres. Collaborating with different directors and co-stars, Samuel L. Jackson is one such veteran actor, who prefers appearing in different kinds of projects. 

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson

Putting his talent to the test, Samuel L. Jackson has thus appeared in several Quentin Tarantino movies. However, when it comes to his favorite project, the MCU actor claimed to prefer Renny Harlin’s 1996 film The Long Kiss Goodnight. Although Jackson felt the studio failed to market the movie properly, he admitted his desire to return for a sequel. 

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Samuel L. Jackson Blamed Studio For Failed Marketing 

When it comes to Samuel L. Jackson’s performance, the actor is known for carefully choosing his roles to explore his talent and try out different genres. Thus, after appearing in myriads of movies, the MCU actor purposefully skimmed through his filmography, to choose his 1996 movie as one of his favorites. 

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1996 film The Long Kiss Goodnight
The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

After appearing in several dynamic roles, Samuel L. Jackson claimed to prefer Renny Harlin’s 1996 film The Long Kiss Goodnight, where he portrayed a lowlife called Mitch Henessey. Playing the versatile character in the $95M movie, who gets hired as a private investigator to find out more about an amnesiac woman, Far Out Magazine noted one regret that Jackson had surrounding the project. 

Samuel L Jackson
Jackson blames the studios for not marketing his 1996 movie properly

The studio didn’t know how to market that film because they didn’t know that women like seeing themselves as badasses. I kept saying, ‘You need to advertise this thing during the day when women are watching soaps.’ Whatever.” 

Despite admiring the film as one of his best movies, Jackson claimed The Long Kiss Goodnight wasn’t marketed properly by the studio. Recalling the potential his 1996 film had, the actor stated that the Studio could have done better in popularizing the story among women. 

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Samuel L. Jackson’s Admiration For The Long Kiss Goodnight 

Irrespective of how badly the 1996 film The Long Kiss Goodnight, suffered despite having intense potential, Samuel L. Jackson holds the movie rather close to his heart. Discussing how he had to fight for his part in the movie, Jackson admitted being initially rejected from the role. Speaking with Vulture, the veteran Hollywood star thus claimed to beg for the project. 

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson in The Long Kiss Goodnight

I read Long Kiss and I kept asking my people to get me in to read for this role. But the studio, The Long Kiss Goodnight is a 1996 film produced by New Line Cinema. was like, ‘No.’ ‘Man, what the f*ck?’ They wouldn’t see me.” 

That’s when Samuel L. Jackson revealed how he eventually landed the role by speaking to Renny Harlin and Geena Davis, during a party. “And sure enough, next week I was in the movie. I never auditioned, never read, never did anything.” Jackson shared. After landing the role, and successfully delivering the project, the actor fell in love with it. 

Samuel L Jackson
Jackson would gladly return for The Long Kiss Goodnight sequel

Samuel L. Jackson thus recalled his 1996 movie and hoped to return for a sequel. Confessing his desire to reprise his role, the actor even gave a potential storyline for the sequel. “Long Kiss is an awesome movie. And I still love Mitch Hennessy. I’d do a Mitch Hennessy movie in a minute…Come find Mitch. Come find Mitch Hennessy!” Jackson shared. 

Concluding his conversation regarding The Long Kiss Goodnight, Samuel L. Jackson appeared to be quite proud of his movie, despite Studios’ failure at marketing the 1996 film.  

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Source: Far Out Magazine, Vulture

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