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The Suicide Squad: Everything You Need To Know About The New Characters

One of its kind, the Suicide Squad is an exciting and intriguing concept of uniting DC’s supervillains and making them fight as the good guys. As an extremely lucrative intellectual property, the DC Extended Universe’s first tryst with Suicide Squad was a critical failure, despite being a box-office success.

After four long years, visionary director James Gunn has done a soft-reboot of Suicide Squad (2016) to move forth with the rag-tag group of villains. As its first looks and behind the scenes clips were released, The Suicide Squad already looks much different than its forgettable predecessor. With popping colors, over-the-top action sequences, and a dozen new characters, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad already looks like a different beast.

As James Gunn decided to rope in a bunch of new characters for The Suicide Squad, we have explained every single one of them, from powers to characteristics. Interested? Let’s hop in!


Played by: Idris Elba

A primary nemesis of Superman, the title of Bloodsport has been shared by three different characters in the comics. The first iteration of Bloodsport was donned by an African-American man named Robert DuBois.

During the Vietnam War, Robert DuBois missed his draft as he was scared to lose his life. Instead, his brother Micky was drafted. During the war, Micky was severely injured and became a quadruple amputee. Micky’s condition drove Robert DuBois to the edge, making him obsessed with the ‘Nam war.

Exploiting his fragile and unstable mental state, Lex Luthor convinced DuBois that Superman is the real enemy and armed him with guns, ammunition, and Kryptonite bullets to kill the Man of Steel. Ultimately, DuBois failed but managed to injure Superman.

The second iteration of Bloodsport was ironically a white supremacist named Alex Trent. He is a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and uses a teleporter device to gain access to a warehouse stashed with advanced weapons.

The third and most recent iteration of Bloodsport is yet to be revealed. He was last seen teaming up with Hellgrammite and Riot.

The Thinker

Played by: Peter Capaldi

Created back in 1943, The Thinker has been a nemesis of the Justice Society of America. The moniker has been used by three different characters since its inception. Clifford DeVoe was the first character to become the Thinker, followed by Cliff Carmichael and Des Connor. The fourth iteration of the Thinker was actually an Artificial Intelligence that developed sentience.

As the name suggests, the Thinker possesses superior intellect which is derived from an advanced ‘Thinking Cap’. The thinking cap enables the Thinker to exhibit mind control, telekinesis, telepathy, and fear projection.

The Thinker was the primary antagonist of the Flash in CW’s The Flash TV series during its fourth season.


Played by: John Cena

Christopher Smith used to be a pacifist diplomat before he adopted the persona of Peacemaker. A living paradox, Peacemaker is so deeply committed to peace that he uses lethal force to ensure that peace is maintained.

Ashamed of his late father’s Nazi ideologies, Christopher Smith suffers from a serious mental illness which makes him obsessed with peace. A dangerous vigilante, the Peacemaker uses lethal force in the slightest of altercations. He wears a large helmet believing that the people he has killed stay as spirits in there, providing him counsel and support in his pursuit.

Ratcatcher 2

Played by: Daniela Melchior

Originally a male character, Otis Flannegan used to be an actual rat-catcher in Gotham City. After committing a murder, he was imprisoned for a few years. Following his release, he kidnapped the people responsible for his arrest and kept them in his hideout.

Having the ability to train and control rats, Otis called himself the Ratcatcher. He can unleash an army of rats to wreak havoc on his intended target. He also uses cyanide gas as his primary weapon.

In The Suicide Squad, the character is a female which explains the moniker Ratcatcher 2.


Played by: Sean Gunn

A victim of bullying, John Monroe grew to be a bitter and lonely individual. As he grew to be more embittered over the years, Monroe committed murders donning a weasel costume.

In the New 52 version, Jack Monroe has become much more animalistic, resembling a weasel. His weasel-like physique and expert hand-to-hand combat skills make him a deadly foe.


Played by: Michael Rooker

An heir to a massive fortune, Savant is a genius computer hacker who wished to become a vigilante in Gotham. But his carelessness towards protecting people wasn’t well-received by Batman, who later discouraged the acolyte vigilante from his crimefighting career.

Disgruntled, Savant later kidnapped Black Canary to learn Batman’s secret identity. Fortunately, he was swiftly defeated by the Birds of Prey. In later iterations, Savant developed feelings for Oracle and partnered up with her in vigilantism. Despite being a genius, Savant has non-linear memory sequence which makes him forget a lot of things.


Played by: Pete Davidson

A short-lived and dimwitted villain, Blackguard was a minor nemesis of Booster Gold. He was recruited to be an enforcer for the 1000 Operatives. After being squarely defeated by Booster Gold, Blackguard teamed up with his target to fight other operatives, showing how gullible the character actually is.

Blackguard uses energy constructs to create a mace and a shield as his primary weapons. In the first look of the movie, Pete Davidson seems to be carrying firearms too.

Sol Soria

Played by: Alice Braga

A new character created solely for the movie, Sol Soria seems to be connected to Juan Soria from the comics. In the comics, Juan Soria is obsessed with the Justice League and goes as far as to injecting nanites in his hands to develop superpowers.

As Juan Soria was denied membership in the Justice League, he was drafted into the Suicide Squad. A short-lived character, he was eaten by Killer Croc. Our best bet is that Sol Soria is here to avenge the death of Juan by killing Killer Croc.


Played by: Mayling Ng

The daughter of Mongul, Mongal is the queen of Almerac. As her father is a recurring nemesis of Superman, Mongal has also gone toe to toe with the Man of Steel a few times.

As Mongul’s daughter, Mongal derives all her powers from her father which includes superhuman physiology, strength, energy projection, agility, stamina, speed, and durability.


Played by: Nathan Fillion

A seemingly new villain solely created for the movie, T.D.K. is an acronym for The Detachable Kid. Inspired from Arm-Fall-Off-Boy aka the Splitter, T.D.K. has detachable arms that he uses for offensive measures.

James Gunn’s fascination with weird characters has no bounds and T.D.K. is just another addition to it.

Polka-Dot Man

Played by: David Dastmalchian

A minor nemesis of Batman, Abner Krill adopts the persona of Polka-Dot Man as a supervillain. As he doesn’t possess any superpowers, the Polka-Dot Man wears a suit marked with polka dots.

These polka dots are not for decorative purposes as they can be turned to lethal projectiles, a teleportation device, and other purposes.


Played by: Flula Borg

By far the weirdest villain on the roster, Javelin used to be a German Olympian athlete who later turned to the world of crime for no reason.

A minor villain of Green Lantern, Javelin has peak human conditioning and an advanced hand-to-hand combatant. As his name suggests, he uses a javelin as his primary weapon.

King Shark

Played by: Steve Agee

King Shark is a humanoid shark who is the son of the Shark God. Having a predominantly shark physiology, King Shark has super strength, speed, stamina, and durability. He also possesses enhanced senses and sonar abilities.

King Shark has a powerful regenerative capability and is equipped with shark teeth and enormous, terrifying claws. He has also shown resistance to mind control and telepathy.

The Suicide Squad will also feature Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, Viola Davis, and Margot Robbie reprising their roles of Rick Flag, Captain Boomerang, Amanda Waller, and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad is slated to be released on 6th August 2021.

Written by Akash Senapati

Akash is the Lead Content Strategist for FandomWire. Having started as a writer for FandomWire back in 2020, he now manages a global team of writers who share the same passion for motion arts, from Martin Scorsese to the latest MCU flick. He loves DC Comics, Anime, Pink Floyd, and sleeping in no particular order. His favorite graphic-medium writers are Grant Morrison, Chris Claremont, Christopher Priest, Garth Ennis, and Eiichiro Oda. Prep time > Aliens.