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‘The Suicide Squad is overrated thanks to Snyder Haters’: Zack Snyder Fans Blast James Gunn’s 2021 Movie for Being a Hot Piece of Garbage, Claim Similar Fate Awaits DCU Chapter One

'The Suicide Squad is overrated thanks to Snyder Haters': Zack Snyder Fans Blast James Gunn's 2021 Movie for Being a Hot Piece of Garbage, Claim Similar Fate Awaits DCU Chapter One

To talk about the rumbling over in the management side of Warner Bros. Discovery would be like attracting unwanted heat for anybody at this point. After new CEOs, James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the challenge of recreating the DCU from the ground up, people were hopeful that both of them would make amends on the prior management’s behalf. But these hopes were nipped in the bud.

James Gunn
James Gunn

After Gunn and Safran took over, they instantly went on to dismantle the entire foundation of the old DCEU and completely restart. This meant the expulsion of Henry Cavill as Superman and the unlikely scenario of the return of Zack Snyder for the birth of the new era of DC Studios. Thus, the Gunn Vs Snyder debate was brought back with more firepower, where fans have been seen accusing Snyder haters of overrating a ‘Mediocre’ The Suicide Squad’.

Fans Go To War Over James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad!

Idris Elba along with James Gunn on the sets of The Suicide Squad.
Idris Elba along with James Gunn on the sets of The Suicide Squad

As the new era of the DCU reaches ever closer, the pressure on James Gunn is rising. In a conquest to create something better than the old regime and give Marvel Studios genuine competition, Gunn’s vision has to create an impact with the audience of the superhero genre of cinema. But with this pressure, there is also hate that Gunn and Safran have to deal with, which has now become a troubling scenario as Zack Snyder fans have decided to slander 2021’s The Suicide Squad and talk about how Gunn will destroy the reputation of the franchise even further.

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Recently, a Twitter user posted a tweet, negatively criticizing the Brightburn director’s film, calling it a mediocre and overrated film that only had its moment of glory when Snyder haters were overhyping the film for no good reason. The user also predicted that the same mediocrity will be noticed by the audience when Gunn makes future films in the franchise.

Naturally, fans of Gunn’s work were quick to respond to this slander with their own views on the subject, creating a heated argument.

Until we get the final product with the introduction of Gunn’s and Safran’s vision in Chapter 1 of the new DCU, all we can do is speculate.

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What To Expect From James Gunn?

JAmes Gunn
James Gunn in the official DC announcement

With the announcement made by James Gunn in an official announcement video by Warner Bros. Discovery, the director revealed the film that the audiences can expect from the future of the DCU in the coming years. In the video, Gunn reveals that The Flash will be the film that is going to reset the DCU to bring in a new age of DC superheroes and supervillains, and the company will explore more characters from DC Comics as well as revive some old characters from the old franchise.

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The Flash, in cinemas on 16th June 2023

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