The Suicide Squad Characters Ranked From Most To Least Likable

Director James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad has been a massive hit amongst the DC fanbase. As the newest addition to the DCEU, the movie has put the offensive team center stage in the DC universe, along with the new HBO Max series Peacemaker.

The success of the movie undoubtedly goes to the diverse characters we got to see on screen. The wide array of villains ranged from hilarious to hardcore, giving every fan something to look forward to. But not everyone appealed to the audience, and naturally so. After all, it is a movie about DC’s most notorious troublemakers!

So here are The Suicide Squad Characters Ranked From Most To Least Likable.

1. Harley Quinn: It’s almost shocking to see how DC’s most beloved character is not a superhero but a supervillain. From her first on-screen appearance in Suicide Squad, Quinn has become the face of the DCEU. She’s funny, and she kicks ass.

Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad

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2. King Shark: A child in the body of a human-eating shark is the aptest description one can give of Shark King. He develops a close relationship with Ratcatcher, who he had once tried to eat. 

The Suicide Squad: King Shark

3. Polka-Dot Man: An odd man with strange powers and an odd personality, David Dastmalchian’s Polka-Dot Man probably had the best character arc in the movie. As the film progresses, we see him as an endearing and fearless character, adding significantly to his ranking amongst fans.

David Dastmalchian as the Polka Dot Man

4. Ratcatcher: The central theme for this character is trouble waking up after a good sleep; it’s no surprise she’s the most relatable one on the squad. Her relationship with Shark King and flashbacks of her father add more to her character, making her more appealing to audiences.

A still from The Suicide Squad

5. Bloodsport: It goes without a doubt that Edris Elba did replace Will Smith’s character of Deadshot with his Bloodsport, which he says he never wanted to. Trying to keep his young daughter out of jail is enough to earn the sympathy of fans. But as the new squad leader, we see him rekindle past relationships, making him all the more likable.

A still from the Suicide Squad

6. Rick Flag: The first movie barely scratches the surface of Flag’s persona. In The Suicide Squad, we finally see a bit more to him, especially, his loyalty towards the task force as he chooses to disobey Waller.

Rick Flag

7. Javelin: Flula Borg’s character was one of few who stood out amongst the condemned distraction team. Though he had limited screen time, he was liked by the team so much so, he and Harley Quinn are on-screen besties.

The Suicide Squad's Javelin

8. Peacemaker: John Cena’s debut in the DC universe was a huge hit, especially with his new HBO series in the making. Playing the dysfunctional Peacemaker, we have an assassin who resorts to any means to uphold his distorted version of peace. As a result, he is often at odds with the rest of the squad.

John Cena as Peacemaker

9. Captain Boomerang: We all remember the cheeky Captain Boomerang from the first Suicide Squad movie. He’s excellent comedic relief but isn’t a fan favorite or a squad favorite for that matter due to his aggressive personality.

The Suicide Squad's Captain Boomerang

10. Amanda Waller: Viola Davis is seen playing the strong-headed, no-nonsense Task Force X director, Amanda Waller. In The Suicide Squad, it’s clear that Waller can run a team like no one else, but she’s not the favorite person in the room. Her team dislikes her so much; they end up siding with the task force in the battle against Starro.

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller


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