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“The suit holds a special power”: Henry Cavill Explains Why He Chose Zack Snyder’s Superman Suit From Man of Steel In His Black Adam Return

Henry Cavill picked the Man of Steel suit because of its emotional value.

While Henry Cavill’s schedule only gets busier, he is constantly doing press for his latest movie, Enola Holmes 2. All the while, Black Adam has been welcoming the actor’s return to the DCU as Superman after years of disputes among fans, directors, and Warner Bros. Discovery. In an interview with Collider, he revealed how he felt while wearing his signature suit once again and what made him pick it over any other suit.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman

His much-anticipated return to the DC Universe felt like a fever dream to many fans, and much like them, the actor too felt similarly. So when it came to picking a suit for his grand return, he did not think twice before going for his Man of Steel suit.

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Henry Cavill Talked About Why He Picked The Zack Snyder Suit For His Return As Superman

Henry Cavill‘s interview with Collider revolved around the actor getting busier and busier by the day with Enola Holmes 2 and his return as Superman. His focus on all the upcoming movies has made the fans ecstatic as to what the DCU is planning for The Witcher star. He stated how it had been a highly powerful and meaningful moment for him to be appointed once again as the DC Studios Superman when there was minimal hope for the actor to ever return to the role.

henry cavill superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

“That one holds the most nostalgia for me, the most meaning for me, and to put that back on, and stand there in front of a mirror, suited up again. It’s, the suit holds a special power and there’s no way of getting around that.”

The actor remarked on how even he could not escape the aura of vigor and grandeur that the suit emits. Although the moment itself was difficult to describe for him as it was rather overwhelming for him. The hope and anticipation that he had put into it and then finally seeing this dream come true were huge moments for Cavill and he did not want to celebrate it wearing anything but the Zack Snyder suit.

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Henry Cavill Found Some Mission Impossible Sequences To Be The Toughest Action Scenes He’s Ever Filmed

While the actor stated that he loved shooting the scene and would not even hesitate if asked to do all of that again. To Henry Cavill, the most physically enduring sequence he’s ever shot would be from Mission Impossible: Fallout. It was a helicopter scene that was filmed above the Southern Alps in the middle of winter.

henry cavill mission impossible 759
Henry Cavill in Mission Impossible: Fallout

He explained how he shot the entire scene multiple times with his head outside the helicopter with the cutting wind biting against his face as objects kept flying towards him. Nothing was audible to him and he had to keep waiting for queues given by the pilot to let the actor know that they were rolling. To understand whether or not the scene was over, he would have to look for either the camera ship or Tom Cruise’s helicopter to understand. They would then warm up only to go back and shoot further sequences similarly.

Enola Holmes 2 is available to watch on Netflix.

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Source: Collider

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