Reilly Johnson
Reilly Johnson is a businessman, journalist, and a staple in the online entertainment community contributing at some of the largest entertainment pages in the world. He formerly contributed at Heroic Hollywood, the entertainment news website by Umberto Gonzales. Currently, Reilly is running the news and media website, FandomWire, a subsidiary of Johnson Concepts, of which he is also the Founder and CEO.
Sean Steele
Modern media jack of all trades... Sean Steele has been an active patron of nerd and film culture for a number of years.  Sean has contributed his talents to many companies, brands, and start-ups over the years under the banner of Steeletivity, his own personal brand focused on infusing creativity (the Sean Steele way) into content creation and brand management. Recently Sean has been a full-time contributor to the news site FandomWire where he is acting Vice President and Managing Editor.

Staff Writers

Alex Ortiz
My name is Alex Ortiz. I am a graduate of Full Sail University and a Film Editor. I have edited various projects and won several awards for my projects. Some of my works have premiered on television and contracted through big names such as Crypt TV and NatGeo in the UK. My main mission is to continue to do what I enjoy, and that is to bring entertainment to an ever-growing audience.
Alex Robol
Alex Robol is from the great state of North Carolina, USA. He fixes and upgrades computers and builds websites. Alex has been a big comic book nerd since he was a very little kid and he loves Spider-Man and the X-Men. It is something that he has always been passionate about.
Brian Farvour
Brian has been writing for much of his life, having taken his childhood of conjuring up bad ideas for movies into an adulthood of online writing, which includes his web site Back To The Features, co-founded by fellow FandomWire contributor Mike DeAngelo, and movie news on sites like The Punk Effect. His film interests include sci-fi, the superhero genre, J. J. Abrams' Mystery Box and any movie that gives him a good cry. In addition, Brian’s also a professional musician, recruiter, and harbors an immense dislike of Marshmallow Peeps.
Chris Nugent is a BBA Graduate of Mount Royal University, an employee for WestJet Airlines, and a writer for Fandomwire. Chris hopes to entertain with his writing ability and host events at expos and cons.
Joey DeAngelis
School assistant by day, film and toy collector by night, Joey enjoys a wide range of genres such as silent cinema, samurai flicks, Disney animation and monster movies.
Mike DeAngelo
Mike DeAngelo is a husband, father, superhero enthusiast, and all-around film lover that hails from the mostly-frigid Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When he’s not watching movies, he’s probably thinking, writing, and talking about movies. When he’s not watching, thinking, writing, or talking about movies, he’s probably sleeping or changing diapers. He began his film-writing obsession a few years back on a site called Back to the Features and recently brought his talents to FandomWire because he needs more movie-obsessed friends. Mike also works with a Software-as-a-Service company named Zywave, as, let’s face it, film-writing doesn’t pay the bills these days.
Michael Woodside
Writer, Photographer, sometimes Filmmaker, and at all times a coffee drinker. Michael Woodside emerged from the pirate-themed wetlands that some people call Tampa, Florida to inflict his tastes and opinions upon the world. A living IMDB and pop culture savant, if you must approach him, a rich beer is recommended.
Simeone has been involved in popular culture journalism since early 2015 as the co-founder of the highly successful Up Your Geek news organization. He specializes in covering DC, Marvel, cinema, and gaming. He is currently a political science/legal studies major and plans to be a lawyer.
Steven Gurman
Steven Gurman is a movie fanatic, to the point where he has looked into if watching movies is a legitimate addiction/problem. Some of Steve’s recent crazy movie achievements include having watched every film/short/foreign/documentary film that has been Oscar nominated over the last 6 years and watching over 500 new movies in a year.