Reilly Johnson
Reilly Johnson is a businessman, journalist, and a staple in the online entertainment community, contributing at some of the largest entertainment outlets in the world. Currently, Reilly is running the news and media outlet, FandomWire, a subsidiary of Johnson Concepts, of which he is also the Founder and CEO.
Sean Steele
Modern media jack of all trades. Sean Steele has been an active patron of nerd and film culture for a number of years. Sean has contributed his talents to many companies, brands, and start-ups over the years. Recently Sean has been a full-time employee for the news site FandomWire as Vice President and Managing Editor.


Mike DeAngelo
Mike DeAngelo is a husband, father, superhero enthusiast, and all-around film lover that hails from the mostly-frigid Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When he’s not watching movies, he’s probably thinking, writing, and talking about movies. When he’s not watching, thinking, writing, or talking about movies, he’s probably sleeping or changing diapers. He began his film-writing obsession a few years back on a site called Back to the Features and recently brought his talents to FandomWire because he needs more movie-obsessed friends. Mike also works with a Software-as-a-Service company named Zywave, as, let’s face it, film-writing doesn’t pay the bills these days.
Simeone has been involved in popular culture journalism since early 2015 as the co-founder of the highly successful Up Your Geek news organization. He specializes in covering DC, Marvel, cinema, and gaming. He is a political science major minoring in sociology and plans to be a lawyer.
Brian Farvour
Brian has been writing for much of his life, having taken his childhood of conjuring up bad ideas for movies into an adulthood of online writing, which includes his web site Back To The Features, co-founded by fellow FandomWire contributor Mike DeAngelo, and movie news on sites like The Punk Effect. His film interests include sci-fi, the superhero genre, J. J. Abrams' Mystery Box and any movie that gives him a good cry. In addition, Brian’s also a professional musician, recruiter, and harbors an immense dislike of Marshmallow Peeps.
James Troughton
James Troughton was born in the north east of England and is currently taking a Journalism course at Newcastle University whilst also working as a volunteer sub-editor for the gaming section of The Courier. James also writes for his own blog in his spare time where you can find him reviewing the games he’s playing and the movie’s he’s watching. His dream is to be a film critic or a gaming journalist, but he’d happily settle for local, regional journalism as he sees that as being a hugely rewarding experience.
Ariane Cruz
Ariane Cruz is a writer, illustrator, athlete, and movie enthusiast. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a short course in Architecture. She loves drawing comic book and video game characters, and never leaves the house without her sketchbook. Her non-fangirl interests include serial killers, true crime stories and psychology of murder.