The True Purpose Behind Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Importance for Pochita in Chainsaw Man May be Deeper than Fans Realise

Tatsuki Fujimoto portrayal of Pochita in Chainsaw Man hold much more significance than what meets the eye.

the true purpose behind tatsuki fujimoto’s importance for pochita in chainsaw man may be deeper than fans realise


  • Pochita's importance runs much deeper in Chainsaw Man than fans might realize.
  • Tatsuki Fujimoto tries to make Pochita represent Chainsaws and Death, however a fan theory suggests that he isn't the true Chainsaw Devil.
  • Pochita used to be very strong devil who was capable of slaying hundreds of his kind without breaking a sweat.

Chainsaw Man revolves around our protagonist, Denji. He is shown to be under crippling debt and makes a living by killing devils. He uses the powers of his pet devil, Pochita who looks like an adorable puppy. His faithful pet Pochita fuses into Denji to save him, granting him Denji’s chainsaw-themed abilities.

Young Denji and Pochita from Chainsaw Man
Young Denji and Pochita from Chainsaw Man

Denji gets an opportunity to work at the Public Safety Bureau after his powers are observed. This leads him to a life where he is tasked to take down the very devils he has fought for so long. However, fans must not be wooed by Pochita’s adorable pug-like appearance at the beginning of the series. Tatsuki Fujimoto had made Pochita serve way more significance to the story than we realize. There is a fan theory that explains Pochita’s importance for the series in brief.

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What is the true significance of Pochita in Chainsaw Man?

Denji and Pochita in Chainsaw Man

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The author of Chainsaw Man has made Pochita punctuate both the birth and death of demons with his chainsaws. It has been quite clear as the Mangaka has metaphorically opted to choose an instrument that was actually used to aid childbirth in early ages as the keystone of his story.

Chainsaw Man is intrinsically linked to birth and death. Even the protagonist’s rebirth is portrayed as death having been cut up as well as Pochita. We know that Demons are born out of fear of one thing. However, the author constantly tries to make Pochita represent chainsaws and death. However, it isn’t the chainsaw demon.

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Pochita was known as the Devil That Devils Fear The Most in his past

Denji - Chainsaw Man
Denji – Chainsaw Man

Pochita’s actual story is elaborated on much later in the manga. Audiences know next to nothing as they start the series with it being portrayed as Denji’s adorable pet devil. Pochita used to be feared in the devil world, often referred to as the Devil That Devils Fear The Most. It is stated that he was capable of killing hundreds of devils at a time unscathed. He was considered the most powerful devil behind the Primordial Devils.

During a battle between the Four Horsemen and the Weapon Devils, Pochita was left gravely injured and barely hanging onto the string of his life. This is when he became the small dog form we first see Pochita as. However, the protagonist has taken his powers which come with the iconic chainsaws sticking out of his head and replacing his lower arms. There are several devils who fear the Chainsaw Devil and that’s why we see some of them being scared out of their mind by Denji. Even Makima, who is incredibly powerful within the universe, sees herself as lower than Pochita’s devil form.

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