The Vampire Diaries Actor Reportedly Writing ‘Superman: Woman of Tomorrow’ That Will Replace Henry Cavill With Sasha Calle

The Vampire Diaries Actor Reportedly Writing 'Superman: Woman of Tomorrow' That Will Replace Henry Cavill With Sasha Calle
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Ana Nogueira is a tremendous actor, a talented theatre artist, as well as an exceptional writer. Part of Youngblood, an Obie Award-winning Writers Group, she was revealed to be the first writer under contract with DC.

Ana Nogueira is now under contract with DC
Ana Nogueira is now under contract with DC

Nogueira has many accolades to her name including her own original play on Broadway. And as per a recent report, it is speculated that the Vampire Diaries actor might be writing DC’s Superman: Woman of Tomorrow, which would be replacing Henry Cavill’s Superman with Sasha Calle’s Superwoman.

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Ana Nogueira Reportedly Writing DC’s Superman: Woman of Tomorrow 

Ana Nogueira reportedly writing Superman: Woman of Tomorrow
Ana Nogueira is writing Superman: Woman of Tomorrow

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An alumnus of the Boston Conservatory of Music, Ana Nogueira can be seen working across mediums. Apart from being a talented actor, she is an extraordinary writer as well. Having numerous features with Warner Bros, Universal, and Fox/Disney, the actress has been working with DC for some of their very secret and coveted ventures. Being the first writer to be on contract with DC, it has been reported that she is the one behind DC’s Superman: Woman of Tomorrow.

While there hasn’t been any confirmation as of yet from the writer or even DC itself, there is a possibility that she might actually be working on the movie set to replace Henry Cavill‘s Man of Steel with Sasha Calle‘s Superwoman.


After James Gunn took the reins of DC verse, not much has been revealed about future DC projects. So it comes as no surprise that the top secret project under Ana Nogueira has not been revealed yet. But fans of the artist/writer have been eagerly waiting to see what she comes up with in her first collaboration with DC.

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Ana Nogueira Is Excited To Be Working With DC

The Vampire Diaries actress is excited to work with DC
The Vampire Diaries actress is excited to work with DC

Revealing that she first signed the contract with DC during the pandemic, Nogueira is excited to be working under them. Talking about her experience with DC Studios, she said in an interview,


“And the experience has been really fantastic, they’ve been really writer-forward, and I feel very much a part of every project that I’ve gotten my hands in in some sort of way, whether it’s in the beginning I’m on something, or if I’m jumping in at the tail end, or somewhere in the middle, I feel very respected and very much a part of it.”

Nogueira also revealed that she has been working with a smaller team since the company underwent major changes under James Gunn. With a significant buzz around Nogueira’s collaboration announcement, fans can anticipate a fresh and innovative perspective of the DC-verse, thanks to Nogueira’s distinct voice as a writer.

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