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The Walking Dead: 12 Actors & The Characters They Could Play In A Movie Trilogy

AMC’s The Walking Dead is a beloved TV franchise. Over the years, it has developed scores of fans. If a Walking Dead movie trilogy does happen, these are the actors we would like to see in them.

Rick Grimes – Christian Bale

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The focal point of the entire series is one character – the invincible Rick Grimes. Throw a mega-horde of zombies at him or the entire might of the Whisperers, Rick grimes would still come out on top. The character is rough, rugged, and a seasoned veteran of the post-apocalyptic world. Not just any actor could be chosen to portray Rick Grimes. His work as batman in the dark Knight trilogy proves he has calmness and composure. His acting chops range from playing a psychopath in American Psycho to playing the benevolent savior in Exodus. Bale would be able to portray the myriad of emotions in Rick Grimes from anger, to ruthlessness and compassion, all rolled into one.

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Andrea – Angelina Jolie

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The series and the comic books diverged with respect to Andrea. in the comic book source material, Andrea never died like she did in the series. She would end up becoming Rick’s greatest ally and later his wife. Andrea develops into a ferocious warrior whose skills with guns and blades remains second to none by the time the series reaches maturity. In the show, the character is killed off pretty early. We reckon the movies will stick closer to the source material. And the only actress that could play such a toughened and battle-hardened warrior is Angelina Jolie. the actress has already made a career out of action movies like Tomb Raider, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Salt.

Shane Walsh – Joe Manganiello

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FandomWire’s love for Joe Manganiello has no end. We have already fan-cast him as Omni-Man in our Invincible fan-casting list. And in the Walking Dead fan-casting, we again give him an antagonistic but crucial role in the movie trilogy. Joe Manganiello should play Shane Walsh, Rick grimes’ partner from the pre apocalypse days and his best friend. Walsh would later slowly descent into a path of evil, ultimately turning on Rick and getting killed in the process.

Lori Grimes – Evangeline Lilly

walking dead movie 4

Lori Grimes was a character wrought with guilt and regret. She thought her husband was dead before Rick came back to her. By the time she was already secretly in a romantic relationship with Shane. The emotional tug of war that followed ended up defining her character for the days to come. Evangeline Lilly is known to be a very good actor with amazing control over emotional spectrum on screen. It will be the first time we see Bale and Lilly’s chemistry on screen in a Walking Dead movie. Evangeline Lilly even looks the part pretty well.

Carl Grimes – Jacob Tremblay/David Albert Mazouz

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Carl Grimes starts out as a toddler when the show began. He ends up growing into a man capable of holding his own against anyone by the time the series reaches its boiling point. If a movie trilogy does happen, the progression of Carl from a child into a man must be shown. Jacob Tremblay, who shot to fame after starring in acclaimed movies like The Room and Smurfs 2 could play the younger Carl. David Albert Mazouz who is known for playing Bruce Wayne in Gotham, could play the older version of the character.

Michonne – Nathalie Emmanuel

walking dead movie 6

At first Michonne is shown as a character who likes to keep to herself. She is introverted and minds her own business most of the times. But eventually Michonne evolves emotionally and becomes a vital part of Grimes’ group. She is a woman who was born to be a survivor no matter where and when she is. A good candidate to play Michonne would be Nathalie Emmanuel of Game of Thrones fame.

Daryl Dixon – Tom Hardy

walking dead movie 7

Rick Grimes may be the leader but without Daryl, we are pretty sure the group would have fallen apart. Rick’s mots loyal soldier and his proverbial second-in-command, Daryl is a force to be reckoned with. Born in the woods, Daryl was more or less a hillbilly, having learnt the art of survival at a very young age. These skills would come in handy when the walkers took over the world. Like Rick grimes, not just anyone could play Daryl. an actor who has played similar roles in the past should be a good choice for the character. Tom Hardy, who played Bane in The Dark Knight is our choice for Daryl.


Dale Horvath – Samuel L Jackson

walking dead movie 8

Dale Horvath was the one who saved Andrea and Amy. A free spirit, Dale was the voice of reason for quite a while in the show. A wise and old character like that must be played by someone who is magnetic and charming enough for everyone to listen. nobody turns down Samuel L Jackson when he has advice to give. He could even spice up the role by randomly dropping in M-Bombs (if you know you know).

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Glenn Rhee – Charles Melton

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Glenn was just a pizza boy with a knack for getting into trouble when the show began. As the series progressed, the character matured into a battle-hardened veteran. Glenn’s character comes packed with energy and adventure. He also happens to be one of the most plot-critical characters. Charles Melton, who is of Korean descent, and has worked in movies like The Thinning, Bad Boys For Life, and shows like Riverdale would be perfect to play Glenn.

The Governor – Liam Neeson

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Could there have been anyone else but him? Liam Neeson has played the characters of stone cold killers for so long in Hollywood. right from Taken to Non-Stop, that has literally been his forte. No one could play the ruthless and evil leader of Woodbury better than Neeson.

Negan – John Hamm

walking dead movie 12

Many do not know this but John Hamm was actually being considered for the role of Negan in the series. the role eventually went to Jeffrey dean Morgan, a twist of fate we could not be happier for. Since Jeffrey dean Morgan already masterfully played Negan in the show, a walking Dead movie trilogy would most likely look for another actor with a similar look and acting prowess. John Hamm can essay the roles of deranged, psychotic men pretty nicely as seen in Baby Driver. He would rock it as Negan.


Carol Peletier – Tig Notaro

walking dead movie 11

Another fan-favorite character from the show, Carol starts out as timid and weak. She is a lost cause, who runs away at the first sign of trouble. And then we see her metamorphosis into a warrior when she singlehandedly takes down the Sanctuary. Tig Notaro has recently shot to fame after starring in Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead. before that she starred in popular shows like Star trek: Discovery (Denise ‘Jett’ Reno) and Fresh Off The Boat (Ms. Doris).

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