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The Walking Dead: 5 Questions We Want Answered in the Final Season

With the final season of The Walking Dead beginning this month, here are some of the biggest unanswered questions that we hope to see resolved by the end of Season 11!

5. Who are the people that Michonne goes with the last time we see her?

The Walking Dead: 5 Questions We Want Answered in the Final Season

Back in Season 10 Episode 13 (What We Become), Michonne set off with Virgil to the island where he claimed there were weapons capable of helping the group defeat the Whisperers. After finding no weapons and nearly dying in the process, she unexpectedly finds a clue that Rick survived the bridge explosion. As she begins this new leg of her mission, Michonne encounters a few survivors that are in trouble and decides to help them. The group they belong to looks to be a massive group of nomads walking together with all their belongings with them. Is this a new group that we’ve never encountered?

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4. Will Maggie and Negan be able to coexist?

The Walking Dead: 5 Questions We Want Answered in the Final Season

Of all the character relationships throughout this series, Maggie and Negan have the most complex and difficult to reconcile. Maggie and her group were forced to watch as Negan brutally killed Abraham and her husband Glenn. In the time since Maggie and her son Hershel left the group, Negan has gone through a journey of his own mentally.  Now that Maggie has returned (and has not witnessed any of this growth with her own eyes), will she be able to see Negan in the same light that some of her friends now see him?

3. Will Michonne return?

The Walking Dead: 5 Questions We Want Answered in the Final Season

After the tragic events at the bridge in which Michonne watched as Rick sacrificed himself to stop the walker herd from reaching the camp. When Michonne is on her trip with Virgil, she stumbled upon what looked to be Rick’s boots and a cell phone with a sketch on it of Judith and Michonne. This was the proof that she had been looking for that Rick had survived the bridge. Now that Michonne is traveling with this new nomadic group, will she ever return to her friends and family? Will she have Rick with her?

2. Where is Heath?

In Season 7 Episode 6 (Swear) Heath and Tara go on a mission to recruit the survivors in Oceanside to join the fight against Negan. When they are separated during the mission, Tara returns to the area where they originally parked their vehicle looking for Heath only to find the vehicle missing, tire marks on the pavement, and his broken glasses next to a card with “PPP” written on it. While this may not fit into the final season of the show, this would make an excellent story for the anthology spin-off series “Tales of the Walking Dead” which is set to premiere after the main series ends.

1. Will Rick return?

The biggest question on every fan’s mind right now has to be if Rick Grimes will appear in the final season. By this point, we all know that he survived his explosive final episode and was taken away in a helicopter by Jadis and her people in pretty rough shape. With Michonne off on her own searching for him, the group has been weakened by their long fight with the Whisperers and has lost all their homes in the process. There is always the chance that both Rick and Michonne won’t return in the final season at all, and they’re being saved for the Rick Grimes movie which is supposedly almost ready to be filmed.

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