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The Walking Dead: Destinies Is Getting Destroyed by Fans as “just another cashgrab”

The Walking Dead: Destinies receives major backlash from the gaming and The Walking Dead community.

The Walking Dead: Destinies Is Getting Destroyed by Fans as "just another cashgrab"


  • The Walking Dead: Destinies receives major backlash from the gaming community.
  • The Walking Dead community is annoyed at the new game and the lack of effort by the developers.
  • The Walking Dead: Destinies players took to Twitter/X to complain about the new game.

As of November 17th, The Walking Dead: Destinies was released, and so far, it would be generous to say that it has had a rather negative response from the gaming community. This is due to the fact that there are quite a lot of flaws and bugs with the game that have caused many of the franchise’s fans to respond with hatred.

The game has only been released for less than two weeks, and the gaming community has already taken to Twitter/X to complain and share their frustrations regarding this new installment within The Walking Dead franchise.

To add to these complaints, gamers are even more distraught at the fact that these resources could have gone into the well-received Telltale series that has already been developed but, sadly, has been used on this project.

What Is The Walking Dead: Destinies, Why Is the Fan Base Disappointed, and What Has It Complained About?

The Walking Dead: Destinies receives negative response from the gaming community.
The Walking Dead: Destinies receives major backlash from the gaming community.

Even though The Walking Dead: Destinies has received a lot of negative backlash from the fan base, there is one thing going for it that, if done right, could have been a fantastic game. This is because The Walking Dead: Destinies retells the story of the first four seasons, although some parts of the show have been abandoned during this project.

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However, the unique aspect of The Walking Dead: Destinies is that the player will be able to make choices, which inevitably change the outcome of certain moments that take place within the show.

This means that if the player didn’t agree on a choice that was made by Rick Grimes within the show, they could choose to change that and see the outcome that would eventually come from that decision.

Because of this, The Walking Dead: Destinies has become a what-if scenario that allows players to change the outcome of the show in ways that they feel would be more suited to the story, but these decisions ultimately could change things for the worse rather than the better.

The iconic "DON'T DEAD, OPEN INSIDE" makes its return.
The iconic “DON’T DEAD, OPEN INSIDE” makes its return.

So far, this premise could have made for a rather interesting experience for the gaming community, as we could see Rick Grimes perish with his friend/partner Shane Walsh. This would mean that Shane would become the main character rather than Rick, and we could see a completely different story with all kinds of different decisions.

Unfortunately, the fantastic premise couldn’t save such a horrible game, as the gaming community has come together to rant about how dismal this game is. The reasoning behind this is that many gamers feel that the development of this game has been rather lazy and is just a cash grab to try and make money off a major franchise.

For some gamers who have purchased and were looking forward to the game, they have sadly been disappointed, as they have taken to Twitter/X to announce their disappointment regarding the poor quality of the game.

To start, there are many who have commented on the lazy attempt at using still images to create the cutscenes within the game, along with poor voice acting, which have created rather grim images for gamers to see as the images have been so poorly designed that some of the characters look horrifying in certain instances.

One gamer has even taken to Twitter/X to say, “All of this pointless and lifeless movement was made in the name of an “artistic choice,” while another gamer has taken a bit of humor into their comment when they say, “I refuse to believe The Walking Dead: Destinies is an actual game. I’m convinced it’s an elaborate prank by the developers to see if anyone actually takes it seriously.

Along with these complaints are videos that show how awful a game it is, as we can see short clips of the shot-by-shot cutscenes and the terrible voice acting, which has made a bad game even worse, to the point where some gamers are saying it is equal to other games like Gollum and King Kong, which also released this year.

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