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“The whole Scientology thing is a turnoff for most women”: Hollywood Actresses Do Not Want to Date Tom Cruise Because of His Controversial Belief

"The whole Scientology thing is a turnoff for most women": Hollywood Actresses Do Not Want to Date Tom Cruise Because of His Controversial Belief

Tom Cruise is a famous global personality and is well known for his charming looks and self-executed dangerous stunts on screen. Cruise has made an everlasting impact on the audience with his remarkable work. The actor’s excellent performance has been appreciated by an Honorary Palme d’Or and three Golden Globe Awards. Some of his most iconic roles are featured in the Mission Impossible and Top Gun series. He has always outperformed his past performance with something much new and better.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

The Days of Thunder star enjoys a global fanbase. There was a time when Magnolia star was referred to as the dream boy for many women out there but over time it looks like Cruise has lost this title. The reason for this is surely his beliefs which have been making pretty negative headlines these days. Cruise is single but it appears like no one is any longer interested in the Top Gun: Maverick star.

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Tom Cruise’s Troublesome Beliefs

Tom Cruise had been in the news for his strong connection with Scientology. Moreover, his manipulative personality adds to the reasons why the Mission: Impossible star is still single. Cruise married three women in the past but sadly none of his relationships lasted to make it in present. The actor was single once again after his divorce from his third wife Katie Holmes in 2012. The Jerry Maguire star as per the source is no longer desirable by women despite his single status.

The insider revealed that the Mission: Impossible star is actively looking to be with someone but his manipulative personality has strayed all the women away from him. The insider emphasized the problematic unidimensional personality of the superstar,

“Tom would love to have someone in his life, but the truth is his reputation just isn’t great. The whole Scientology thing is a turnoff for most women, and he can’t exactly downplay it. He’s very committed to it. To him, any partner is an extension of him — and his brand — so he’s known to be very micromanaging — down to what clothes they can wear when they’re out with him.”

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Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell
Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell

Tom Cruise’s Break Up With Marvel Star Hayley Atwell

Cruise surely enjoys fame across the globe but sadly this statement can not be used for his dating life. Reportedly, the actor is being isolated as his struggles to find a partner reach their peak. The Top Gun star has recently been dumped by the Marvel star Hayley Atwell. As per the reports Atwell left Cruise because of his controlling nature. The insider gave further insight into the recent breakup as he stated that The Mummy star wanted to stick with Atwell. 

“He really worked hard to hang on to Hayley. But his controlling ways got too much for her — and she ended it. Women find him way too intense and he’s turned into Hollywood’s least eligible bachelor. It’s really off-putting. A lot of women have walked away after a few dates.”

The insider backed his major claims with a deeper analysis of the Vanilla Sky star’s problematic personality. Cruise’s ex-wife Mimi Rogers even stated that he was seriously thinking to be a monk. The insider shared his opinions on this accusation as he restated the socially unwanted personality of Tom Cruise. 

“He wants all the focus to be on him. He needs to be the star in any relationship. This goes to show how extreme Tom can be. Obviously, he never became a monk, but those are the sorts of bizarre things he does. There are just so many stories out there. Women are very hesitant to date him.”

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Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

It appears like Cruise will remain single for the time being. The increasing updates on his troublesome personality will surely deteriorate his dating life. It looked like a handsome face and fame, as of Tom Cruise, can also be proven futile to enjoy a healthy dating life without a pleasing personality. 

Source: Radar Online

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