The Witcher’s Farewell Gift to Henry Cavill – Season 3 to Show Cavill Fight One of the Nastiest Monsters Ever Within the Universe

The Witcher's Farewell Gift to Henry Cavill - Season 3 to Show Cavill Fight One of the Nastiest Monsters Ever Within the Universe
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The Witcher replacing Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia is still a piece of news too painful to digest. Fans of the fantasy/adventure were rendered completely bruised when the British heartthrob announced his exit from the show from season 4 onwards. Many even revolted by vowing to drop the series altogether if Cavill wasn’t there to slay the malicious monsters in it. But alas, their efforts to have him reinstated were in vain.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

For the time being, however, the former DC star will still very much be hunting magical beasts in the third season of The Witcher, which is slated to release in two parts. And it looks like the show won’t be letting go of Cavill without a parting gift.

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The Witcher S3 – Henry Cavill to fight the Grisliest Monster Yet 

While Netflix’s The Witcher is known to pit its leading man against savages, the monsters that Henry Cavill‘s Geralt of Rivia vanquishes would probably pale in comparison to the fiend that he will be going to war with in season 3.

One of the deadliest fiends in The Witcher universe, the Flesh Monster is as evil as they come. Covered in the ghastly attire of myriads of dead Aretuza novices, it literally wears the flesh of its victims. And as per recent reports, fans will witness Cavill going up against this gory monster in the forthcoming season of the show.

The Witcher

Vilgefortz, a central antagonist and a recurring character in both the books as well as the Netflix adaptation, is the one behind the gruesome death of hundreds of these innocent girls. After kidnapping them, the evil Vilgefortz would torment them in his lab which doubles as a torture chamber before killing them altogether. In the live-action series, the character is portrayed by Mahesh Jadu.


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The Making of the Flesh Monster in the Netflix Adaptation

It looks like the nastiest monster in The Witcher is also one of the most difficult ones to create. Production designer and art director Andrew Laws recently talked about the toughest beast that they’ve brought to life in the show so far, and though he didn’t name any names, the obvious answer seems to point toward the Flesh Monster.

“We had to deal with the dynamism of it, very much between prosthetics, creature concept design, and VFX, and try to figure out how to evolve this thing and make sense out of it. Because it’s not a singular entity that is… You know, does it have four legs? Does it have two legs? Does it stand up? Does it wave its arms? Does it have magic?”

The Witcher
A still from The Witcher 3

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At any rate, the prospect of the upcoming season introducing a fresh batch of malice with a horde of new creatures for Cavill to fend off is certainly thrilling. After all, the man deserves a grand send-off in the form of an exciting and adventurous season, which will be his last.

Episode 1 of The Witcher season 3 will air on Netflix on June 29, 2023.

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