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The Women Of Marvel: 8 Things Fans Point Out That We Never Noticed

The Women Of Marvel 23 Things Fans Point Out That We Never Noticed

The women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are marvelous. They handle so much and excel at everything. These women are wives, daughters, mothers, sisters and friends, but most of all, they are heroes. Heroes that come in, and save the day. There are some things that the fans have noticed over so many films that we never did. Here is a list of those things about the women of Marvel.

1. Of all the women, Queen Frigga is most underrated in her ability to put on a brave face. She is an incredible mother who did everything in her power to meet them before she died.

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2. Wanda is such a threat to Thanos that he had to invoke an entire platoon to make sure he survived. Wanda is the one of the only women Thanos actually feared.

Scarlet Witch vs Thanos (Avengers: Endgame) - YouTube

3. Tony and Nebula have this wonderful relationship of a father and a daughter. Tony understands Nebula, he understands her pain. He makes up for that pain when he teaches her how to play a game. And he lets her win. UNDERRATED.

Nebula and Tony Stark scene HD – Avengers Endgame - YouTube

4. Natasha’s sacrifice is as big as any. There are no two ways about it. This moment talks about her huge heart, courage and character more than anything else does.

Black Widow's Endgame Death Didn't Surprise Scarlett Johansson

5. Pepper is a very under – appreciated character. Her suit is just as under – appreciated. Some believe that the inspiration for her suit was the dress from Iron Man, a moment Iron Man fell in love with her, supposedly.

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6. Coulson’s not even worries when Natasha is being held hostage. The way Coulson trusts Natasha, well, amazing.

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7. Natasha’s first appearance is in Tony’s movie, people think Tony’s last appearance would be in Natasha’s. Fingers crossed, right?

Pin on marvel: avengers

8. Steve trusts Natasha with his life. He doesn’t do that easily and it is a huge testament to Natasha’s fine character. She is one of the few women Steve wants to fight along with.

What, in your perspective, is the actual relationship between Steve Roger and Natasha Romanoff? Are they just best friends? - Quora

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