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The Wrath of Becky Review – Bring On The Blood

Wrath of Becky

2020’s Becky was somewhat of a surprise hit. As a low-budget, action thriller gore-fest it was released to video-on-demand and a handful of theaters. One significant draw to the film was its casting of comedian Kevin James — best known for the long running sitcom The King of Queens — as the film’s antagonist. This year’s follow-up, The Wrath of Becky, keeps that unique style of casting going with American Pie’s Sean William Scott taking on his first villainous role with equally entertaining and blood-soaked results.

The Plot

Becky (Lulu Wilson) has no family. The brutal attack on her home in the original film took the life of her only living parent. She’s shipped from foster home to foster home until she runs away and finds unlikely refuge with an elderly women named Elena. However, her attempts at building a normal life for herself are cut short after a group of terrorist insert themselves into Becky’s life and she’s forced to once again take violent matters into her own hands.

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lulu wilson the wrath of becky
Lulu Wilson as Becky in The Wrath of Becky

The Critique

This time around the husband and wife filmmaking duo of Suzanne Coote and Matt Angel take the helm. The core elements at the heart of Becky remain, but the sequel gives much more of a wink and a nod than its predecessor. From the first moments of its hilarious opening, its clear that The Wrath of Becky will be bringing a steady stream of comedy blended into its blood-spattered tale of vengeance. It’s this genre bending blend that most sets the sequel apart from the original.

As the film progresses it begins to act as a sort of parody of itself, leaning into its absurdity and highlighting it, rather than trying to hide it. It’s a mixture that when properly balanced, is incredibly effective. And lucky for viewers, Coote and Angel have that balance down to a science. If there was one ingredient missing, it would be gore. Don’t get me wrong, the film has gore. I just wanted more of it, and I don’t feel like the sequel raised the bar in this department quite as high as it should have.

Seeing Sean William Scott return to the screen felt like bumping into an old friend after years apart. As a 90’s kid he is, and always will be, Stiffler from American Pie. While Stiffler could certainly be seen as a villain of sorts in those films, its his turn as the white-supremacist Darryl in The Wrath of Becky that truly allows him to try his hand at an evil character. There’s something about comedians unleashing their dark side that works so incredibly well. Kevin James and Sean William Scott have each proved they have the talent to take on a serious role and deliver  — even if the film itself isn’t entirely serious.

Who could we expect as a villain in Becky 3 (assuming there is a third)? I’m campaigning for Mike Myers. Could he pull it off? In the words of Austin Powers, “Yeah, baby! Yeah!”

seann william scott the wrath of becky
Sean William Scott as Darryl in the Wrath of Becky

In Conclusion

Becky’s arc over two films has been incredibly well portrayed, and I would love to see its conclusion over a proper trilogy. The Wrath of Becky accomplishes the difficult task of making audiences become invested in a story that feels increasingly outlandish. By using neo-Nazis as the antagonist, the film is able to send a message of fighting against hatred while crafting an entertaining and fast-paced story. Let’s cross our fingers for a third film, shall we?


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Written by Joshua Ryan

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