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“Then I got the call from Tom Cruise”: After Losing Top Gun 2 Role, X-Men Star Nicholas Hoult Turned Down Major Role in Mission Impossible 7 for Surprising Reason

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Losing roles and having to drop out of projects is a common occurrence in Hollywood or any film industry. But it looks like some actors experience a particularly potent stroke of bad luck sometimes. Nicholas Hoult is one of them. The X-Men: First Class actor lost not one but three major roles in 3 successive tentpole movies.

If there’s something called bad fortune, then Hoult has definitely suffered from it. The star was called by Tom Cruise for a potential career-changing role in one of his franchises, but he had to turn it down to honor a commitment that’s nowhere near the scale of Top Gun: Maverick or Mission Impossible 7.

Nicholas Hoult Missed Out On MI7 Role Due To Bad Luck 

Nicholas Hoult and Nicholas Cage in Renfield
Nicholas Hoult and Nicholas Cage in Renfield

Nicholas Hoult is currently starring in Renfield with Nicholas Cage. The Dracula adaptation isn’t faring too well at the box office. Variety reported that the film grossed $900k in its Thursday previews and was projected to bring in only $10 million in its opening weekend. That’s not good news since the film had a budget of $65 million.

However, he wouldn’t have to struggle with a possible flop if some things in his career had gone right recently. In an interview with The Guardian, Hoult revealed that he almost got cast in Mission Impossible 7 personally by Tom Cruise after losing a spot in Top Gun: Maverick.

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Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

He said:

“I screen-tested for The Batman and didn’t get it. Screen-tested for Top Gun, but didn’t get it. Then I got the call from Tom Cruise, ‘Hey, how about Mission: Impossible?’ OK. Got it. Then I had to drop out because I was already attached to do some more of The Great.”

The Batman role went to Robert Pattinson and the film received rave reviews while also bagging $770 million at the box office. For Top Gun 2, he was replaced by Miles Teller and Esai Morales got the job in Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One. He had to drop out of the later film because of his commitment to season 3 of The Great.

In the Hulu series, Hoult stars as Russian Emperor Peter III with Elle Fanning’s Catherine the Great. While the show isn’t on par with the three tentpole films, it has given the two lead actors Emmy nominations for season 2.

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The Actor Talks About His Ideal Role And The Importance Of Fate In Hollywood

Nicholas Hoult
Nicholas Hoult

During the interview, Nicholas Hoult revealed that in Hollywood it’s all about fate and everything is in the hands of the directors. He said, “It’s more about when things align and when directors cast you.” Along with this, The Menu star revealed that he wants to be cast in a rom-com, but not as the lead. As per the actor:

“I would like to go do a rom-com though maybe not as a romantic lead: it sounds like there’s slightly less to explore with those characters. But maybe people just don’t think of me like that, maybe I don’t get sent the good ones.” 

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Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies
Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies

The Warm Bodies star also disclosed the hidden fear of missing out that most working professionals experience in Hollywood. He said,

It’s easy in this industry to get Fomo – like this person’s doing this, and that’s coming out, and it’s all happening for them. You want to be in the mix.”

While Renfield might not be the surefire hit Hoult was expecting, it’s not the only film in his kitty. There’s also The Order, a crime thriller coming up with Jude Law, as well as Nosferatu with Robert Eggers.

Renfield is now in theaters, and The Great is streaming on Hulu.

Source: The Guardian

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