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“There are definitely murmuring about it”: Henry Cavill Finally Addresses Man of Steel 2 Rumors, Gives Hopeful Message to Fans

Henry Cavill Finally Addresses Man of Steel 2 Rumors

For the last several years, Henry Cavill’s Superman has been a major topic of discussion among DCEU fans, owing to the Man of Steel‘s absence from the tale since 2017’s Justice League.

Henry Cavill in the iconic black Superman suit
Henry Cavill in the iconic black Superman suit

Despite his semi-return in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, fans have been waiting for significant news on when he will return to play the legendary Kryptonian hero in a canon theatrical film for the next time, especially after Superman was featured twice via faceless cameos in Shazam! and Peacemaker.

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WBD is working on a Man of Steel 2 movie

DC Films’ future has been questionable as a result of Warner Brothers’ recent merger with Discovery and David Zaslav’s takeover of the famed company. Fans, on the other hand, have clung tenaciously to a few treasures from DC’s back catalog during the last ten years. One such film is Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill as Superman.

Man of Steel was the film that started the DCEU as we know it, but there hasn’t been a sequel since its release in 2013. However, things look to be changing. That time has arrived, when Cavill flew into the mid-credits scene of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam upon its long-awaited release.

A glimpse from Batman vs Superman
A glimpse from Batman vs Superman

He was only on screen for a few seconds beside The Rock, telling the newly-crowned anti-hero that they needed to chat, but the most essential part of that sequence from a big-picture perspective was that Cavill returned back to the most iconic role of his career to date.

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According to a recent claim on his Instagram post, the British actor will don the red and blue cape and reprise his role as Superman in a standalone sequel to his 2013 film Man of Steel. According to sources, the film is currently being developed with Henry in mind, and it will be part of the wider DC Extended Universe.

Henry Cavill addresses Man Of Steel 2 rumors

The Enola Holmes star discussed the possibility of a Man of Steel 2 for the first time in a live interview with Kelly and Ryan. When asked what he could say about a prospective sequel by hosts Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa, Cavill answered, “Look, I can’t say anything official, but there are definitely murmurings about it.”

Henry Cavill returns as DCEU's Superman
Henry Cavill returns as DCEU’s Superman

While no formal confirmation of a Man of Steel 2 has been made yet, it appears that this will be one of the first projects unveiled by the new DC Studios leadership. Henry Cavill says everything by being silent in this situation.  It’s clear that he’s holding something back and knows a little more than he’s letting on.

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True, it’s not going to be called Man of Steel 2. However, it will be the sequel that Cavill’s Superman never received. He’s not returning for a cameo here and there; he will most probably be here for the long term now.

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