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“There are no good threequels”: Christopher Nolan Reveals $1.08B The Dark Knight Threequel Needed To “Blow Up Bigger”

"There are no good threequels": Christopher Nolan Reveals $1.08B The Dark Knight Threequel Needed To "Blow Up Bigger"

Christopher Nolan’s work has always been a masterpiece. Considered one of the outstanding directors in the industry, Nolan always likes to give out his opinions on filmmaking. The Prestige director has a very unique form of complex storytelling. His resume is filled with top blockbusters in Hollywood and it’s no lie his stories and the way of direction never fail to impress us.

The talented director, in his initial years, made several short films and got his breakthrough with his second film named Memento. Nolan was also associated with DC for making the very famous The Dark Knight trilogy. He was also declared the most influential person in the 2019 Time’s 100 list.

Christopher Nolan’s Thoughts On Threequels

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

Many DC films have come and gone, but people still have immense love for The Dark Knight trilogy. The film starred Christian Bale in the character of DC’s most beloved superhero Batman. Each film of the trilogy had its unique storyline and the best villains that were much appreciated by the audience.

The first film debuted in the year 2005 named Batman Begins. In addition to this, two other sequels named The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises were made. But looks like even after the third film crossed the mark of $1 billion worldwide, Christopher Nolan wasn’t impressed. As his trilogy failed to live up to people’s expectations with its dull ending.

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The Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan
The Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan

Nolan has spoken about the filmmaking of The Dark Knight trilogy, he revealed how nowadays there are no good threequels. He gave his own formula of how a filmmaker can make a shift in genres across three films.

“There are no good third sequels, basically. Rocky III maybe. But they are very difficult. So my instinct was to change genres. The first one is an origin story. The second one is a crime drama very much like Heat, and the third one, we needed to blow up bigger, because you can’t scale down. The audience doesn’t give you any choice, but nor can you go back and do what you did before. So you’ve got to shift genres. We went for the historical epic, the disaster film, The Towering Inferno meets Doctor Zhivago.”

For the Interstellar director, storytelling in a film has always been a top priority. That’s the reason his every film lays its foundation on a perfect storyline.

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Christopher Nolan Did Not Plan On Making The Dark Knight Films

Christian Bale and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight
Christian Bale and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

Speaking of the mid-movies of the trilogy, he didn’t really plan to make it. He just wanted to make one of Caped Crusader’s films and stepped down. He just wanted to reboot the beloved DC superhero and leave, but who knew a potential blockbuster would soon grace the screen?

“Christopher Nolan had no intention of maintaining a franchise; he had done his superhero bit, bringing Batman back from his decline into camp, and wanted to be away to pursue more personal, original material. This was only a tease, or at best a departing offering to the studio – the enticing question of what a revamped (as far as fans were concerned, a Nolanized) Joker might resemble. ‘We wanted to suggest possibilities for how the story would continue,’ he claimed, ‘not because we were going to make a sequel.’”

After discussing the origin of Batman in the 2005 film, the second film was an action-packed one for the viewers. The Dark Knight starred one of the most versatile actors in the industry Late Heath Ledger in and as Joker. He also won an Oscar for his performance in the film. The story of the film revolves around how Batman, Harvey Dent, and Batman ally to wipe out crimes in Gotham. But they didn’t know that the crime mobs are about to send a psychopathic mastermind criminal to create havoc in their lives.

The Dark Knight Trilogy is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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