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“There are some loony people in this world!”: Dolly Parton Was Terrified After Finding Abandoned Baby Named “Jolene” on Her Doorstep

Dolly Parton was once horrified by craziness of her fans when someone left a baby named after her hit album at her house

“There are some loony people in this world!”: Dolly Parton Was Terrified After Finding Abandoned Baby Named “Jolene” on Her Doorstep


  • Dolly Parton shared the craziest thing the fan has ever done to her and it was related to her hit album Jolene
  • The singer shared that once a fan had left a baby named Jolene on the gates of her house, with a note asking to keep her
  • Parton immediately informed the authorities and did not want to get too involved with it

The country singer Dolly Parton has a career spanning decades and has given several hits throughout the years. Following her first number-one hit song Joshua, she released her solo studio album, Jolene, with a title track of the same name, which would go on the list of Rolling Stone magazine’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.” However, the hit song was followed by a terrifying incident for the singer, that would go on to become the singer’s wildest story involving one of her fans.

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton

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Dolly Parton Found A Baby On Her Doorstep

The Title track from Dolly Parton‘s album Jolene was a huge hit at the time of its release. Talking about the inspiration behind the song, the singer shared that two very different women motivated her to write the song, which would go on to be a career-defining song for the country singer.

Dolly Parton performing Jolene at Glastonbury Festival
Dolly Parton performing Jolene at Glastonbury Festival

However, it would also cause one of the most terrifying experiences for the Grammy winner. During an interview with Windy City Times, she was asked about the “craziest” thing a fan has ever said to her. While Parton shared that she has multiple such stories, there is one “freaky” incident that prompted her to exclaim, “There are some loony people in this world!”

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“Years ago, when I first started being a big star, I had fans that were fanatical,” she said, further stating that it was when Jolene was a big hit. The award-winning singer shared that one day when she returned home, she found a baby named “Jolene” at the gate.

 Dolly Parton in the early 1970s
Dolly Parton in the early 1970s

The abandoned baby was left there with a note that said, “My name is Jolene. My momma has left me here, and she wants you to have me.” The singer notified the authorities and took care of the baby until they arrived. She shared that she did not hear about the baby again.

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Dolly Parton Did Not Want to Get Too Involved

Further in the interview, the actress shared that she had not heard about the baby again and has often wondered if she ever came to her concerts. However, she also noted that it seems impossible for that baby to know what happened all those years ago.

Dolly Parton
Grammy-winning singer, Dolly Parton

Parton also shared that she did not want to get involved in any of it at the time and made sure to keep it that way. “I couldn’t take the baby, and I didn’t want to be involved. I wanted the police and the people involved to know we had nothing to do with it,” she shared. She also shared that she revealed the incident to state her “craziest” fan encounter, as she said that it was the wildest story involving one of her fans.

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